Art Oliver Jr. rolls second 800 triple of the season

Art Oliver Jr. has rolled his second 800 triple of the season, stringing together a 279, 257 and 269 for an 804 at Prime Time Bowl.

In attempting to surpass Troy Demers four game record of 1090, Oliver started his fourth game with nine strikes for a 279 game and 1083 set. He had an exact 800 last October and started that with a 300 game. The 1083 was his fourth 1000 set of the season. The others were 1054 with a 299, 1035 with a 300 and 1063 with a 276. The 1083 is now the Hamilton Tenpin Bowling Association’s third highest behind Demers 1090 and Bill Rowe’s 1089.

Oliver and Lionel Lewis are tied for high average at 235, ahead of Rowe’s 233 record. Lewis is back in action after an injury forced him to miss three weeks.

Also at Prime Time, Jim Librock Jr. 290 with 11 strikes in a row, Sunny Hill 289 with the first 10, Art Oliver Jr. 280, Shawn Anderson returning to action with a 752 including a 279, and Amanda Lupton celebrated her birthday with her first 500, a 515.

At the Big Brothers Bowlathon, Honourary Chairman Ken Welch of CH TV, showed fine form in bowling one frame and sparing the 3-5-6.

At Hamilton Mountain Bowl, Sam Gualtieri was high at 974 (254,266,225,229) followed by Cory Davies 921 (248), Steve Smith 905 (246), Kevin Phillippo 876, and Bill Lishinski 871.

For the sixth time this season, an honour score was rolled, this time a 297, but since the league was unsanctioned, the score will receive no official recognition.

At Skyway Lanes, Brian Ward 735 (227,249,259), 18-year-old Nick Murphy, 728 (225,248,255), Mark Herchenroder 687, and Cody Stone was plus 79 with a 207.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, in 1987 at Skyway, Marie Leek, in her first-ever sanctioned game started with seven strikes for a 245 and Pat Lancaster averaged 110 while bowling with two artificial legs.