Perfection eludes a trio by one pin

Three more near perfect 299 games are in the Hamilton Tenpin Association records books courtesy of Ken Peters, Danny Downs and Brad Russell. Peters rolled his first near-ace at Prime Time Bowling at the end of a 963 (224, 192, 248, 299″) set as he left a two pin standing. The previous week he blasted a 1022 (237, 259, 246, 280) set.

Then it was Downs turn as he left the ten pin up for his fourth career 299 game and a 692 (299, 201, 192) triple. At Hamilton Bowl, Russell also saw the ten pin remain upright for his 299 and 822 (299, 158, 177, 188) set.

These latest 299 games raises the season total to 12, just under the record total of 14 in the 1999-2000 season, followed by 13 the next season.

In a previous column here it was stated that the only father and son with 299 games were Art Oliver Sr. and Art Oliver Jr., and Larry and Jayson Legg. Lionel Lewis Jr., and son Matthew should be on that list. Now with his 299, Russell joins son Jamie Russell on the father-son list. In my last column the name Ron Gilmour should have been spelled Gilmore.

The second annual Molson Tournament at Prime Time has witnessed a pair of 800 triples in the past two weeks, this time with Shawn Anderson using a perfect 300 game in building an 811 (246,300,265) triple. The other 800 was an 815 by Richard Parker (279,278,258). All six 800 triples this season have been tallied at this 32 lane house in Burlington.

Three more 1,000 sets to report: Richard Parker 1008 (224, 259, 268, 257) at Prime Time; Don Deveau 1007 (290, 255, 216, 246) and Kevin Phillippo 1000 (257, 244, 246, 253) at Hamilton Bowl. At Skyway Lanes, Chris Marquette 696, Art Oliver Sr., 668, Joe Borkovic 667 and 661 (268), Mike Ellis 679 and 655 and Ed Margueratt 645. Super singles were Walter Balog 279, Nobby Herchenroder 257, Ron Elliott and Doug Stickney 256, Mark Herchenroder 246, Jen Olmsted 244 and 223, John Rees 217 and Frances Earl 211.

Val Noble spared the 6- 7 split twice in the last week of the season. Steve Cowie at Hamilton Bowl just missed 700 as a 268 game left him four pins short with a 696. The annual Cancer Assistance Bowl at Skyway with emcee Ken Welch of CHCH TV, raised $7,500.00. In 2007 the Cancer Assistance Program provided service to 2,332 patients, a 63 per cent increase in five years.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, a quote from the Hamilton Herald of March 11, 1910, states “There was at the corner of John and King St. in 1852, a bowling alley. It may be in the basement today”. Mohawk Lanes on Mohawk Road., managed by Lorne Elmer, was in use from 1956 to 1984.