Snake Pit and One More Time league champions

The Jonarc Men’s Classic at Hamilton Bowl and the Molson Doubles at Prime Time Bowling have declared their league champions. The Snake Pit with Aaron Bouchard, Walter Kronschnabl, Brad Russell and Ed Maurer were the best in Jonarc action and shared the $4,000 payout.

Conrad Merkir captured high single for his perfect game with Corey Ferguson and Brad Russell one pin behind at 299. Other super singles were Aaron Bouchard, 290, Don Deveau, 289, Bill Hicks, 288, and Cory Davies, Jim Sherwood, Steve Smith, Roy Ward and Maurer all with 279s. Bouchard’s 1000 was the top series and his 214 was league high average.

The league wishes to thank sponsor Sam Gualtieri for his generous contribution of $1,000.00 to the prize fund. Three weeks ago, after eight months off, Gualtieri returned to the lanes at Burlington Bowl and in his second week back fired a 620 triple. In week three he threw five strikes in a row in a 209 game. The Jonarc Mens Classic league is looking for new bowlers. If interested contact Ed Maurer at 905-765-0630.

The Tuesday Petersen winners at Hamilton Bowl were Gualtieri and Jayson Legg, who each collected $800.00. Great singles were Don Deveau, 299 and 290, Kevin Phillippo, 289, Del Belanger, 288 and Hicks, 280. The high series went to Deveau at 1007 followed by Phillippo at 1000 even.

The duo of Lionel Lewis Jr. and Amanda Lupton formed One More Time at Prime Time and won over Fern Anderson and Vic Riding. Lewis, at 225, and Sioban Ryans, at 208, captured high average followed by Art Oliver Jr., 222 and Dee Gallant, 194.

High singles were Marty Stokes and William Russell with their perfect games, and for the women, Ryans at 279. The high series went to Lewis at 1045 and Ryans at 923. Lupton was most improved at plus 32 at 164.

Last year George Lambert IV of Hamilton, now attending Wichita State University, was selected on the second all star team by the National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association. This year he moved up to the first all star team. Crystal Maurer, daughter of Ed Maurer, fired a 299 game in an unsanctioned summer league in Mississauga. The high scores continue in Windsor as Doug Scott rolled his ninth 300 of the season, a Windsor record.

The oldest sanctioned bowler ever, Bill Hargrove, passed away in Atlanta, four days short of birthday 107. He had just signed up to bowl in a summer league.

In Hamilton Tenpin Trivia, when Wendy Zielonka rolled 734 (268,244,222) in 1980, she had 17 strikes in a row before a machine malfunction caused a 10-minute delay. She had the last 10 in the 268 and the first seven in the 244.

For the men, 23 strikes in a row has been recorded by Legg, Ed Maurer & Stewart Shea. Ryan Morgan had 21 in a row from frame one in game one.