OUA men’s women’s wrestling banners stay at Brock

The Brock Badgers successfully defended their Ontario University Athletics men’s and women’s wrestling titles at the OUA championships at Brock University on Saturday.

For the Brock men, it is their 15th consecutive OUA championship, and 16th in school history. The Badgers earned 83 points, nine more than the second place Lakehead Thunderwolves, to take the Porter Trophy. The Guelph Gryphons placed third with 42 points.

The Badgers women successfully repeated as OUA champions, and have won nine of the last 11 banners. Brock finished the competition with 51 points, seven better than the second-place Western Mustangs. Lakehead finished in third place with 39 points.

Individually, Brock wrestlers took home eight gold medals, including Alex Brown (Ottawa) in the men’s 82 kg division. Other Badgers earning gold included C.J. Hudson (Calgary) in the men’s 61 kg, Pete Simons (Campbellford) in the men’s 65 kg, Randy Pfrimmer (Oshawa) in the men’s 68 kg, Brad Trimble (Essex) in the men’s 76 kg, Jasmine Mian (Barrie) in the women’s 48 kg, Michelle Fazzari (Caledonia) in the women’s 59 kg and Celeste Rodrigues (Sudbury) in the women’s 63 kg.

Pfrimmer was also named OUA Men’s Rookie of the Year.

The Thunderwolves had the second-most individual gold medalists with five. Lakehead wrestlers who were golden included Huy Nguyen (Calgary) in the men’s 54 kg, Gaston Tardif (Calgary) in the men’s 57 kg, Chadd Lee (LaSalle) in the men’s 72 kg, Ben Eaglestone (Lake Echo, N.S.) in the men’s 90 kg, and Emma Brightwell (Guelph) in the women’s 82 kg.

Nguyen was named the OUA Men’s Wrestler of the Year.

Other wrestlers earning gold were Guelph Gryphons Kyle Grant (Whitby) in the men’s 130 kg and Allison Leslie (Fergus) in the women’s 72 kg; Western Mustangs Sam Stewart (London) in the women’s 51 kg and Lesley McCallum (Woodstock) in the women’s 55 kg; and Jessica Fitzgerald (Bancroft) of the Toronto Varsity Blues in the women’s 67 kg.

Fitzgerald was named the OUA Women’s Wrestler of the Year, while Stewart was named the OUA Women’s Rookie of the Year.

All individual gold medalists are named OUA First Team All-Stars while silver medalists are named Second Team All-Stars. These include Brock Badgers Aaron Fabiano (Windsor) in the men’s 54 kg, Tim Clement (Barrie) in the men’s 57 kg, Paul Rabjohn (Ajax) in the men’s 90 kg, Phil Vandenbeukel (Grimsby) in the men’s 130 kg, Kelly McNiven (Beamsville) in the women’s 55 kg and Jocelyn Dresser (Tottenham) in the women’s 82 kg.

Lakehead wrestlers awarded silver medals include Clayton Sereres (Windsor) in the men’s 65 kg, Corey Lee (LaSalle) in the men’s 76 kg, Colten Woznow (Calgary) in the men’s 82 kg, Jessica Bershatsky (Watford) in the women’s 48 kg and Leah Dougherty (Renfrew) in the women’s 59 kg.

Rounding out the silver medalists are Guelph Gryphons Kevin Iwasa-Madge (Milton) in the men’s 61 kg, Nic Gavel (Cambridge) in the men’s 68 kg, Jenni Kaija (Sarnia) in the women’s 51 kg and Ashley Routliffe (LaSalle) in the women’s 67 kg; McMaster Marauders Dusan Milakara (Toronto) in the men’s 72 kg and Caitlyn Goodfellow (Barrie) in the women’s 63 kg; and Kirby Steinhoff (Simcoe) of the Western Mustangs in the women’s 72 kg.

Marty Calder of the Brock Badgers was named both the Men’s and Women’s OUA Coach of the Year.

The 2009 Canadian Interuniversity Sport Wrestling Championships will take place Feb. 27-28 in Calgary.

Men’s team results

Brock – 83
Lakehead – 74
Guelph – 42
McMaster – 33
Western – 26
Toronto – 10
Queen’s – 7

Women’s team results

Brock – 51
Western – 44
Lakehead – 39
Guelph – 36
Toronto – 11
McMaster – 10
Queen’s – 6

54kg Men

1. Huy Nguyen (Lakehead)
2. Aaron Fabiano (Brock)
3. Shujon Mazumder (Toronto)
4. Ben Spitzke (Western)

57kg Men

1. Gaston Tardif (Lakehead)
2. Tim Clement (Brock)
3. Cameron Van Oort (McMaster)
4. Chen Shen (Western)
5. Nick Kew (Queen’s)

61kg Men

1. C.J. Hudson (Brock)
2. Kevin Iwasa-Madge (Guelph)
3. Angelo Daniele (Lakehead)
4. Allan Middleton (McMaster)
5. Richie Sove (Western)

65kg Men

1. Pete Simons (Brock)
2. Clayton Sereres (Lakehead)
3. Daniel Fillman (Guelph)
4. Austin Van Horne (Western)
5. John Feng (Toronto)
6. Stephen Tricarico (McMaster)
7. Finn Lindsay (Queen’s)

68kg Men

1. Randy Pfrimmer (Brock)
2. Nic Gavel (Guelph)
3. Ryan Blake (McMaster)
4. Brandon Gardner (Lakehead)
5. Andy Ross (Western)
6. Kelvin Hamilton (Queen’s)
7. Allan Wu (Toronto)

72 kg Men

1. Chadd Lee (Lakehead)
2. Dusan Milakara (McMaster)
3. Scott Hall (Brock)
4. Dave Eikelboom (Western)
5. Matt Sparling (Guelph)
6. Mark Lee (Queen’s)
7. Sean Kang (Toronto)

76kg Men

1. Brad Trimble (Brock)
2. Corey Lee (Lakehead)
3. Nic Zablocki (Guelph)
4. Brett Ferguson (Western)
5. Alex Stevenson (Queen’s)
6. Kevin Hsu (McMaster)

82kg Men

1. Alex Brown (Brock)
2. Colten Woznow (Lakehead)
3. Sean House (McMaster)
4. Nader Salame (Guelph)
5. Nick Bradley (Western)
6. Peter Massie (Toronto)

90kg Men

1. Ben Eaglestone (Lakehead)
2. Paul Rabjohn (Brock)
3. Kevin MacLellan (McMaster)
4. Eugene Sauve (Guelph)
5. Matt Fruchtman (Toronto)
6. Matt Bak (Western)

130kg Men

1. Kyle Grant (Guelph)
2. Phil Vandenbeukel (Brock)
3. Jason Chalifoux (Lakehead)
4. Adam Benish (McMaster)
5. Cory Palmer (Western)
6. Taylor Wood (Queen’s)

48kg Women

1. Jasmine Mian (Brock)
2. Jessica Bershatsky (Lakehead)
3. Lindsay Oldham (Western)
4. Janine Wong (McMaster)

51kg Women

1. Sam Stewart (Western)
2. Jenni Kaija (Guelph)

55kg Women

1. Lesley McCallum (Western)
2. Kelly McNiven (Brock)
3. Alex Demars (Lakehead)
4. Karen Duquette (Guelph)

59kg Women

1. Michelle Fazzari (Brock)
2. Leah Dougherty (Lakehead)
3. Liz Sera (Western)
4. Kellie Heney (Queen’s)
5. Sara Languay (Guelph)

63kg Women

1. Celeste Rodrigues (Brock)
2. Caitlyn Goodfellow (McMaster)
3. Aislynn Tofason (Lakehead)
4. Erin Cochrane (Western)
5. Mimi Rahneva (Guelph)
6. Jennifer Seidel (Toronto)
7. Katie Strang (Queen’s)

67kg Women

1. Jessica Fitzgerald (Toronto)
2. Ashley Routliffe (Guelph)
3. Laura Steffler (Brock)
4. Katie Pasic (Queen’s)
5. Kendra Ezack (Lakehead)
6. Jennifer Archibald (Western)

72kg Women

1. Allison Leslie (Guelph)
2. Kirby Steinhoff (Western)
3. Deborah Jehu (Brock)
4. Katelyn Proulx (Lakehead)

82kg Women

1. Emma Brightwell (Lakehead)
2. Jocelyn Dresser (Brock)
3. Steph de Vries (Guelph)
4. Christie Schmidt (Western)