The family that bikes, runs and swims together, wins together

Cadence Price-Johnson and her family - always busy and on the move, as they support one another toward their individual athletic goals.

Cadence Price-Johnson and her family - always busy and on the move, as they support one another toward their individual athletic goals.

Hello, my name is Cadence. Cadence means rhythm and it is a term sometimes used in cycling and swimming. My name was chosen in some ways because of my parents’ passion for these sports, and they have inspired me to be passionate about sports too.

Through my parents (Melanie Price and William Johnson), I have learned the value of a healthy, fit lifestyle, as well as how to set goals and accomplish them.

Some of parents’ athletic accomplishments include:

  • Last season they both won the Subaru series in their age group (30-39). My mom won in the sprint triathlon race series and my dad in the duathlon series. What makes this even more amazing is last season was only half a year after they had my baby sister.
  • My mom swam with Burlington Masters Swim Club through most of her pregnancy and was back in the pool in just a little over a month after my sister was born. Her training paid off this year, competing at the Ontario and Canadian Masters Swimming Championships she had personal bests in 4 events and had a significant medal haul: at provincials she earned Gold in the 50 breast; Silver in the 100 and 200 breast; and Bronze in the 100 individual medley (IM); and at nationals she earned Silver in the 50 breast and 400 IM; and Bronze in the 100 and 200 breast. I should mention that this was the first time my mom had ever swam the 400 IM, one of the most challenging swimming events, and in doing so she also swam her first 100 fly.
  • Both my parents also do running races. My dad completed his first half marathon this year (Burlington’s Chilly half) in an amazing time of 1:37:31, 35th out of 151 in his age group. My mom also did this race in 1:45:48, 19th out 218 in her age group. My mom completed the 30k Around the Bay race for the first time this year in an amazing time of 2:38:39, 57th out of 368 in her age group. My dad did the race in 2:24:41, 94th out of 363 in his age group. My mom completed her 1st marathon (Waterloo) in 4:00:33, 4th in her age group. And my dad ran the Sulphur Springs 25k trail race for the first time in 2:03:17, 7th in his age group.

My parents are doing all these racing first because they have wanted to increase their running distances in preparation for their BIG goal this year: complete an Ironman triathlon, which is 3.8k swim; 180.2k bike and 42.1k run!

This will be a significant change from their past multi-sport racing challenges, as my mom has always stuck with the sprint triathlons and my dad has always done the duathalons (run, bike run). Dad’s relatively prepared to go the distance having completed a half Ironman duathlon last year in Peterborough in 4:49:04, 5th in his age group. So, mom will be vamping up the race distance this season and dad will be testing the waters, gearing up for their Ironman debut.

I can’t wait to watch them cross the finish line in Louisville on Aug 30th. I know they can do it because I know how hard they train. To try and give you the picture, our dinning room is now a gym, the table was disassembled and in its place are a treadmill and a bike trainer. Because they work, have a toddler, have to work with my swim training and racing schedule and they want to fit in as much family time as possible, one of them often doesn’t start a workout until after we have gone to bed, you might find them on the bike still at midnight.

One of the first things my little sister learned to say was “Go Go Go”, which is so cute when she says it to cheer us on, but also so fitting from the littlest Price-Johnson family member, a family that is always busy and on the move! I wanted to write this article to show my parents my support and thank them for what they have given me and keep giving me.

The other weekend, I competed in Western Region Swimming Championships, my biggest competition so far in my swimming life (I am 10 and have been swimming competitively for 2 years). I woke the 1st morning of competition feeling awful, not ideal for competition day! My mom gave me a pep talk, she told me that even though I wasn’t feeling my best, it didn’t mean I couldn’t race my best. She said my body was strong because of my training and to rely on that. She also said that competition is part mental toughness and that this could be a great opportunity to really challenge myself. With a positive attitude, she knew I could race well and still do my best! By the way, I swam 6 out of 7 personal bests that weekend and earned a bronze medal in the 50 Free.

Anyways, thanks Mom and Dad and “Go Go Go”!