Ed Margueratt racks up his sixth 720 triple

Edward Margueratt has fired his sixth 700 triple in Westinghouse 10-pin play at Skyway Lanes.

Five strikes in a row in game one gave him a 232 game. Six in a row in game two led to a 267 and another five bagger in game three enabled him to record a 720 triple, his all-time high in league play which beat his 719 (247, 247, 225). His other 700s are 713 (214, 277, 222), 710 (255, 212, 243), and 701 (248, 221, 232). He also has a 722 (267, 248, 207) bowl out to his credit. Other high triples this season are 679 (257), 677 (233), and 672 (252).

Nobby Herchenroder came within four pins of the 720 with a 716 (268, 255, 193) and Jeff Lang missed 700 by one pin with games of 248, 215, 236 for 699. Later Herchenroder dealt a 662 and Lang a 667. Art Oliver Sr. saw a 278 single lift him to a 677 and Mark Herchenroder started with nine strikes before a big split for a 255 game. He also fired a 268 game. Walter Downey and Greg Heiman turned in 230s.

For the ladies, Michelle Anger pitched a 224, Carol Stickney had a 217 and spared the 4-7-10 split.

In other Skyway action, Mike Howard and Doug Schatz each rolled 279s, Steve Smith hit 278 and 270, Ryan Dickenson and Sean Bailey recorded 277s, Art Oliver Jr., had a 269, Travis Cauley marked a 258, John Lennoz scored a 225 and Kristy Toth struck for 224.

For the Skyway juniors, Kyle Gilmour hit for 684 (257), Billy Craig was good for a 666 (234), Shawn Lubinski had a 660 and Ben Kenyi rolled a 243.

At Splitsville Bowl, formerly Hamilton Mountain Bowl, impressive efforts included: Ed Maurer (724 and a 270), Travis Cauley (698 and 257), Wendell Bishop (652), Bob Sardo (649), Gord Male (257), Peter White (255), Howie MacLean (247), Curtis Croitoru and Dave Lark (245), Walt Drozd (237), Jason Drywood (235), Shawn Legg (234), Sam Cowan (227), and Del Belanger (219).

At Prime Time Bowling, William Russell started with 10 strikes for a 288 game and 771 triple, Art Oliver Jr. dealt a 960 (249, and Matt Lewis had a 939 (249).

Upcoming tournaments are the scotch doubles at Splittsville and the seniors at Skyway Lanes.

Hamilton Tenpin Trivia: From the Hamilton Spectator of Nov. 22, 1873, is this quote: “Senator Donald McInnes has hired the Dow Brothers to built at Dundurn Castle a new billiard room and bowling alley 80 feet long by 16 feet wide. New stables and outhouses have been erected as well making improvements to the value of $10,000.”

The United States Bowling Congress states that the first perfect 300 game in the world was recorded in Hamilton by Frank Young on Feb. 1, 1881, making the then-eight year old alleys a possible location for this world record. The only other known alleys in Hamilton at that time were at the Ocean House Hotel which was in operation from May 1875 to July 1895.