Hamilton bowlers chase each other to final

Travis Cauley and Matthew Lewis placed first and second in a Youth Bowling Tour Tournament, topping 55 entries at Mississauga Bowl and posting a pair of honour scores in the process.

In the qualifying round, Lewis had a perfect 300 and Cauley rolled a 299 game. After the 299, Cauley scored 256 and 211 for a 766 triple while Lewis rolled his 300 following 158 and 228 for a 686 triple.

Later, Lewis tallied games of 233, 233 and 268. They met in the final match with Cauley prevailing by one pin 204 to 203. In his impressive career, Lewis has a pair of 300s in adult competition, a 299 as a junior and a Canadian record 279 triplicate.

Returning to Prime Time Bowling, Cauley was one pin better with a perfect 300 game and 1001 (300, 255, 226, 220) set. It is the third 300 in the Hamilton Association this season after earlier aces by Jayme Allen and Lionel Lewis Jr. Then Cauley went to Skyway Lanes and stirred a 290 game in Jonarc action. Other super singles are Aaron Bouchard, 279, E.J. Celani, 269, 268, Mike Howard, 269, Ray Beitz, 268, Ryan Dickenson, 267, Art Oliver Jr., 265, Jim Sherwood, 254, and Rob O’Byrne, 253.

Fine series were Scott Grunau – 991 (245,276,236,234), Tim Enoksen – 988 (276,221,243,248), Matthew Glidden – 969 (228,235,257,249), Matthew Lewis – 950 (268,266,195,221), Roy Ward – 904 (248) and Greg Schultz 900 (235).

The dedicated sponsor of this Jonarc League, Sam Gualtieri, has tossed the first honour score at Splitsville Entertainment Centre with a 298, leaving up the four and five pins en route to a 736 triple.

Sam has five sanctioned perfect games. Earlier on the same day as Sam was dealing the 298, Sam and Sandy became grandparents for the third time as Adrienne and Ryan Morgan and their son welcomed daughter Alison Anne to the family. Congratulations.

At Skyway Lanes, Sean Bailey – 750 (228,256,266), Jeff Lofft – 674 (237,233), Art Oliver Sr. – 673 (247), Ed Margueratt – 645 (232) & Sheila Moser 611 and 590.

Super singles included Nancy Johnston, 246, Doug Stickney and Brent Andrecyk, 245, Aleta Manning, 244, Jeff Lofft, 241, Pat Elo, 234, Val Noble, 230, Monica Pratt and Brenda Herchenroder, 226, Michelle Anger, 220, Andrea Bradley, 213. For the Skyway juniors, Brody Ostrosser, 669 with a 279 game, and Dylan Herchenroder and Joey Rowe, 215. Leaving up the 5-7-10 split within minutes of each other were Ron Elliott and Bill Ryce while big spare conversions were Ron Olmsted – the 6-7 – and Don Fraser – the 5-7. Two corrections from the last column are Ben Konyi 243 and Carole Stickney 217. Congratulations to Chelsea King,16, 195 average, on her Board Of Education certificate for Profiling Excellence and Student Recognition as a Canadian National Junior Tenpin Champion. On the lanes she also spared the 7-10 split.

Hamilton Tenpin Trivia: Al Tone has perfect 300 games in Las Vegas, Dallas, Italy and Saskatoon and 299s in Las Vegas and Endicote New York along with an 828 triple in Singapore and 799 in Singapore.