Deric Curley joins dad Dan in 300 Club

When Deric Curley notched his first ever perfect 300 game at Star Lanes, he joined his father, Dan, in the exclusive father-son 300 club. Dan Curley fired his 300 in November 1983 and Deric was perfect 26 years later.

After a 249, Deric rolled his 300 followed by a 205 for a 754 triple. The other five members of the father-son 300 club are Garry and Sean Bailey, Art Oliver Sr. and Art Oliver Jr., Larry, Shawn and Jayson Legg, Brad and Jamie Russell and Lionel and Matthew Lewis. Crystal Maurer almost started a father-daughter 300 club with dad Ed as she rolled 10 strikes at Prime Time for a 287 game.

Another 287 at Prime Time was rolled by Travis Cauley while Shawn Anderson hit 279, Sioban Ryans and Kevin Picott, 277, Dave Rombaugh, 276, and Joe Nardi, 275.

One day after Deric’s ace, perfection was achieved at Skyway Lanes once and another close call was one for the record books. Corey Davies, after earlier efforts of 299 in 2005 and 298 earlier this year, used a late falling seven pin on his eleventh delivery to roll his 300 after starting with 200 and 214 for a 714 triple. No let down as in many cases after a 300 as a 257 game gave him a 971 set.

In 1997 only two months apart, Don Deveau and Bill Lohnes rolled the only 295 games in Hamilton history. Scott Gruanau asked his step-father, Bill Lohnes, how he managed a five count, (1-3-6-8-10) after 11 strikes. Now he knows, After 11 strikes at Skyway Lanes, Scott left up five pins,

(4-6-7-9-10) for his own 295 game and a 962 (237, 295, 211, 219) set.

Bowl outs of 300 are rare, but Paul Sholtz managed it at Prime Time Bowling. The first 300 bowl out in Hamilton was Gerry Hruska at Skyway Lanes in March 1981. He currently averages 210 at Skyway.

Art Oliver Jr. added to his Hamilton record total of 300s with number 12 at Prime Time Bowling in recording his fifth 800 triple, an 812 (300, 289, 223). A week later he tried for number 13 as he started with nine strikes for a 279 and 991 set.

Paul Moser reports that in YBC five pin action, the Hamilton senior mixed team finished second by one pin in the Provincial championships in Trenton with a pin fall of 6502. Congratulations to Melanie and Matthew Moser and Morgan McConnell from Bowlerama Stoney Creek, Ryan Lupton and Ross Varlow from Mountain Lanes and Breanna Suckel of Waterdown Lanes. Each youth bowler received a $50 scholarship for their post secondary education.

Hamilton Tenpin Trivia: Joe Hruska, father of Gerry, fired the high single of 1955, a 269. Top triples in 1952-53 were Pete Shawera, 665, Gabe Bihary, 662 and Joe Koziol and Red Openshaw, 659. Mohawk Lanes on Mohawk Road, managed by Lorne Elmer was in use from 1956 to 1984.