Veteran bowler gets better with age

Ron McKinnon, one month short of his 70th birthday, has become the oldest Hamilton tenpinner to roll a perfect game.

Coming off the lanes at Skyway, he casually remarked, “I’ve never done that before”. He so liked his string that gave him, that he started game two with another five strikes before a single stood upright en route to a 232, followed by 234 for a 766 triple.

The previous record holder was Dominic Deptuck at 62 in 1999. At the same time, Tim Robertson started with 10 strikes for a 289. The oldest 300 shooter in Canada is a 77-year-old Edmonton man who two years ago bowled back to back 300s.

Two days after McKinnon’s record 300, a 75-year- old rolled a 300 at Skyway but it was in an “unsanctioned” league.

One week after missing his third 300 of the season with a 296 game, Travis Cauley didn’t miss this time as he was perfect at Splitsville after a 223 start. Then 162 and 209 games gave Cauley an 894 set. Along with the trio of 300s this season, he has a 300 in the annual CANUSA Games, a 299 in a Toronto tournament, an 810 triple in St. Catharines and a pair of 290 games.

A third 300 in three days was turned in by Chris King, his fourth, at Jonarc action at Skyway. Then 219, 218 and 216 efforts gave him an 853 set. After a record 33 perfectos last season, 17 are in the books this season.

Last week Klaus Herchenroder started with 10 strikes for a 288 and his son, Marcus, threw the first nine at Skyway for a 278 game. Now it was Nobby’s turn as he started with eight strikes for a 265. One pin better in game two for a 266, then a 206 for a league high 737 triple moving Ed Margueratt’s 720 to second high.

Two weeks ago Brent Andrecyk struck on his last ball to edge Mark Ward’s 750 high triple in P & G play by two pins with a 752. This week Walter Balog used a 279 to tie the 752. Moments later, Andrecyk regained high triple with games of 231, 247 and 276 for a 754. Barb Hollands showed the two Jims how to do it with a brilliant 225 game while Brenda Renaud was plus-90 with a sparkling 245.

In Junior action, Nick Murphy blasted a 268 for a 652, Chelsea King had a 255 and a 636 triple, B.J. DeFrancesco rolled 236 and 637, Matt Lovell scored 235 and 220, Zoey Male hit a 210 and Bethany Nicolson was plus-50 with a 179.

At Prime Time Bowling, Dave Browning recorded a 684, Richard Johnson had a 672 (269), Dave Luey was good for 661 and 254, Ray Gordon rolled 245, Bill Hyatt scored a 244, Sam Daleo hit for 236, Fran Gordon came in with 219 and 215, Merv Budd topped a 202 while Yolanda Kozbur posted a 121 triplicate.

Tenpin Trivia: Earlier this month I reported on a pair of 900 triples in three days in the U.S. raising the overall total to 15. Last week a Texas man left up one pin after 35 strikes for the 11th 899 in U.S. history.

Canada’s highest triple is 879 (300, 279, 300), Ontario’s highest is 869 and Hamilton’s is 852.