Six local skaters advance to provincial championships

The 2010 Western Ontario-Boston Pizza STARSskate Championships were recently held in St. Mary’s. The championship is a qualifying event for the 2010 Trillium STARSkate Championships, Ontario’s Provincial Championships, scheduled for Kingston on March 13-14.

The following skaters who represent local Hallwent Region clubs have qualified for the provincial championships by placing first, second, or third in a final group.

STARSkate Gold Final: Jennifer Harris, Dofasco Skating Club, third.
STARSkate Junior Silver Final: Christine Blaid, Burlington SC, first.
STARSkate Junior Bronze Men: Jean-Luc Jackson, Hamilton SC, second.
STARSkate Preliminary Dance: Nicole Suszek and Matthew Korkoian, Hamilton SC, first.
STARSkate Pre-Preliminary Men: Alastair Lam, Hamilton SC, second.

The following skaters competed but did not qualify onward:

Women’s Gold Triathlon – Third, Jennifer Harris, Dofasco. (skaters must place first to qualify onward in Triathlon categories).

STARSkate Jr. Silver Final, fourth, Michelle WISKAR, HAMILTON.

STARSkate Senior Bronze Final – 12th Carolyn HALL – SOUTH DUMFRIES).

STARSkate Junior Bronze Final – 8th Erin GORCHINSKY – BURLINGTON; 9th Ashlynne SPINELLI – DOFASCO; 13th Danielle GALLANT – DOFASCO; 16th Isabella MANCINI – HAMILTON.

STARSkate Preliminary Final – 4th Amy KOENIG – BURLINGTON; 12th Kataryna KRUCKO-MOELLER – BURLINGTON.

STARSkate Pre-Preliminary Final – 8th Yodit TEWODEROS – HAMILTON; 13th Brooke KEW – DOFASCO.

STARSkate Sr. Silver Flt 1– 5TH Melissa MINKEN – DOFASCO.

STARSkate Sr. Silver Flt 2– 6th Koby MacDONALD – PARIS; 7th Mackenzie BAILEY – DOFASCO.

STARSkate Jr. Silver Flt 1- 5th Alexandria ORESKOVIC – DOFASCO; 6th Samantha SNIDER – PARIS.

STARSkate Jr. Silver Flt 2 – 5th Meghan GOODWIN – PARIS.

STARSkate Sr. Bronze Flt 1 – 4th Christina TYLAK – BRANT; 9th Karima MABTOUL – HAMILTON.

STARSkate Sr. Bronze Flt 2 – 8th Amiah KERESTURI – BRANT.

STARSkate Jr. Bronze Flt 1 – 6th Kathryn WESTON – HAMILTON; 9th Megan MISNER – HAMILTON.

STARSkate Jr. Bronze Flt 2 – 4th Elizabeth DeJONG – HAMILTON; 11th Jennifer MULHOLLAND – HAMILTON.

STARSkate Jr. Bronze Flt 3 – 4th Alexandra REBALKA – HAMILTON; 7th Charlotte PLUMSTEAD – PARIS.

STARSkate Jr. Bronze Flt 4 – 5th Felicia BONITATIBUS – HAMILTON; 8th Makayla GARVIE – HAGERSVILLE.

STARSkate Jr. Bronze Flt 5 – 6th Savannah SIMPSON – HAMILTON; 10th Delaney DAVIS – HAMILTON.

STARSkate Jr. Bronze Flt 6 – 4th Joanna GLAVIN – HAMILTON; 8th Jessica RABY – SOUTH DUMFRIES.

STARSkate Preliminary Flt 1 – 4th Sloane TAYLOR – DOFASCO; 10th Alexandra KLUNDER – BRANT.

STARSkate Preliminary Flt 4 – 10th Claudia CHERUBIN – DOFASCO; 11th Julianna ZOLNIEROWICZ – BRANT.

STARSkate Preliminary Flt 5 – 8th Rachel MORAN – HAMILTON.

STARSkate Preliminary Flt 6 – 6th Alanna PALMER – SOUTH DUMFRIES; 9th Melanie SPOWART – HAMILTON.

STARSkate Pre-Preliminary Flt 1 – 7th Olivia BOZZO – HAMILTON.

STARSkate Pre-Preliminary Flt 2 – 9th Rae DELSEY – HAMILTON.

STARSkate Pre-Preliminary Flt 3 – 5th Nicole DIMAURO – BURLINGTON; 7th Tatyana PALMER – SOUTH DUMFRIES; 8th Gabby LEDONNE – HAMILTON.

STARSkate Pre-Preliminary Flt 6 – 7th Cassandra ANELLI – HAMILTON.

Adult categories were non-qualifying for any other competition:

Adult Gold – 3rd Helen ATKINSON – HAMILTON; 4th Mandy BARTLETT – BURLINGTON.

Adult Silver – 4th Karen CIPRIETTI – HAMILTON; 5th Barbara TKACH – HAMILTON; 7th Debra HOLLAND – DUNDAS

Adult Bronze – 1st Beverly KUKHTA-JACKSON – HAMILTON.

Adult Masters – 4th Peggy BARNARD – HAMILTON.

Adult Gold Interpretive – 2nd Stefanie STUART – BRANT; 3rd Karen CIPRIETTI – HAMILTON.

Adult Silver Interpretive – 1st Helen ATKINSON – HAMILTON; 3rd Barbara TKACH – HAMILTON.

Adult Bronze Interpretive – 3rd Beverly KUKHTA-JACKSON – HAMILTON; 5th Mandy BARTLETT – BURLINGTON (20.41)

Adult Introductory Interpretive – 3rd Debra HOLLAND – DUNDAS.

Adult Pre-Introductory Interpretive – 1st Peggy BARNARD – HAMILTON.