Ranger and Smith have hot hands on the hardwood

Ted Ranger and Steve Smith are the recent kings of the hill. They topped area tenpin bowlers with Ranger firing a 300 and Smith bringing home 298 and 290 trophies.

Ranger was perfect for the first time at Skyway Lanes in game one, then dealt 243 and 214 for a 757 triple. Smith, after grooving a 290 and 786 (269, 290, 227), followed it shortly after with a 298 and 746 (298, 245, 203) triple at Splitsville.

A 300 was also recorded at Splitsville, but in an unsanctioned league. So far this season, 22 sanctioned 300s and four unsanctioned aces – two bowl outs and two in unsanctioned leagues – have lit the lanes.

Several super scores in Skyway Jonarc action were notable as Chris King, 1,015 (289), Doug Schatz, 1,015 (279), and Steve Smith, 1,001 (279) all surpassed 1,000.

Coming close were Ray Beitz, 991 (289, 278), Matt Lewis, 977 (289, 267), and Aaron Bouchard, 968 (268), while fine singles were tossed by Schatz, 275, Tim Enoksen, 279 and 269, Shawn Anderson, Beitz and King, each with 268, Ed Maurer, 267, and John Cherriere, 256. Maurer also had a 953 total (258) to edge his daughter Crystal’s night of 934 (279).

Happy belated 86th birthday to Skyway Lanes co-founder Stan Dumala. His grandson Gary Reid has three perfect games at Skyway.

A few weeks back at Skyway, Klaus Herchenroder started with 10 strikes for a 288 game. This week he started with nine strikes for a 279 single. Grandson Dylan, in his first adult competition, stroked a 570 and his father, Nobby, pumped a 671 (257).

In City play, Gord Fickley earned an 11-in-a-row plaque for a 275 game in a 724 triple. Kerry Fellows, 145 average, blasted a 532 with a 209 high, and Merk Sokolon, 113 average, had his first-ever 400 with a 456 (173).

In VSl action, Ed Margueratt pitched a 665 (257), Derek Hannah hit for 629, Sylvester Salve was plus 61 with a 204 and Frances Earl spared the unusual 2-4-5-10 split. Brent Andrecyk, 213 average, collected a 749 (287), missing his P&G high triple by five pins before slapping a 679 (268) and Al Ryan spared the 8-10 split.

Beating their averages by over 65 pins were Glenn Hoover, 236, and John Lennox, 234.

Al Berg reports an all time high single in Happy Gang play, a 280 by Sean Elley.

For the Skyway juniors, June Najbor reports Nick Murphy struck a 680 (232), Ryan Melanson totalled 601 (227), Ben Konyi recorded 588 (214), and Matt Lovell had a 570 (204).

On the Pro Bowlers Tour in the U.S., George Lambert of Hamilton averaged 210 and won $1,440 one week, and averaged 214 the next week and collected $2,500. At Burlington Bowl, Matt McDonald was plus 106 at 265, Barb Cote plus 86 at 184, and Joe Baker plus 129 with a 501 triple.

Prime Time action saw Jeff Lofft with a 975 (279) and Ann Dutra plus 113 with a 557 (214).

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: Dick Brett wrote bowling columns for the Hamilton Spectator – Alley Action and Timber Topper – and for the Hamilton News – Picking Headpins – starting in mid-October 1951. According to a 1970 story, he bowled both five and ten pins for 50 years and “his championships are too numerous to mention”.

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