Marauders rolls out team of the decade

Highlighted by three Hec Crighton Award recipients, McMaster University presented its Football Team of the Decade for the years 2000-2009.

The 30 players named to the team represent the very best Marauders to play at every position, and includes 15 who went on to careers in the Canadian Football League. Mac’s gridiron greats were honoured at the Thirteenth Annual Football Gala Dinner and Reception at the David Braley Athletic Centre.

The three previous Hec Crighton award recipients who were honoured as the Outstanding Player in CIS football are: running back Kojo Aidoo (2000), quarterback Ben Chapdelaine (2001) and running back Jesse Lumsden (2004).

Of the 30 named to the Marauder Team of the Decade, 22 were named CIS All-Canadians during their varsity careers.

McMaster’s Team of the Decade 2000 to 2009 includes:

Adam Archibald, QB, 2003-2007.
Ben Chapdelaine, QB, 1997-2001.
Jesse Lumsden, RB, 2001-2004.
Kojo Aidoo, RB, 1998-2002.
Kyle Pyear, RB, 1999-2003.
Chris Rankin, WR, 1999-2003.
Vaughan Swart, WR, 2001-2005.
Mike Bradwell, WR, 2005-2008.
Jon Behie, QB/WR, 2002-2006.
Ryan Donnelly, OL, 1997-2001.
Fabio Filice, OL, 2000-2004.
Matt O’Meara, OL, 2001-2004.
Justin Glover, OL, 2006-2010.
Kyle Koch, OL, 2003-2006.
Dave Forde, OL, 2000-2004.
Jeff Robertshaw, DL, 2002-2006.
Andrew Jones, DL, 2002-2006.
Chris Van Zeyl, DL, 2002, 2004-2007.
Colin Shanahan, DL, 1999-2003.
Mike Botterill, LB, 1999-2002.
Ray Mariuz, LB, 1999-2002.
Tristan Clovis, LB, 2001-2005.
Jay Pottinger, LB, 2002-2005.
Simon Binder, LB, 2004-2008.
Kwame Aidoo, DB, 2000-2004.
Jesse Card, DB, 2002-2006.
Brandon Little, DB, 2001-2004.
Greg Restivo, DB, 1997-2001.
Byron Metcalfe, DB, 2006-2010.
Mike Ray, K/P, 2000-2004