196 average leaves Lewis in the world’s top half

Hamilton’s Matthew Lewis, 18, placed 61st overall in a pool of 146 boys at the 11th World Youth 10 Pin Championships in Helsinki, Finland. Lewis averaged 196 with a high of 248 during 18 games.

In the boys’ singles event, Lewis fired triples of 618 (191, 225, 202) and 531 (198,168,165) for 1,149 and a 191 average. Topping the boys’ field was a Korean with a 241 average. Canadian Francois Lavoie won the bronze medal with a 228 average. A Netherlands bowler won the girls’ event with a 231 average.

In doubles action, where Lewis and Lavoie placed 37th out of 71 with triples of 562 (193,168, 201) and 573 (214,176,183). Korea claimed the gold with a 221 average for their 12 games. In girls’ play, Korea was the best of the 51 duos with a 221 average while the top Canadian pair was 29th with a 189 average and 247 high game.

Lewis was the top Canadian in team play with triples of 573 (157, 226,190) and 671 (198, 225, 248) for a 1,244 total and a 207 average.

Matthew arrived back home just in time – with baby brother London James Lewis born at 5:40 a.m. on Wednesday August 4th. Lionel & Amanda are the proud parents of an eight pound 4 ounce boy.

Estonia topped the 33 boys teams with a 208 average and 259 high game. Korea again mined another gold medal, this time in girls’ teams with a 209 average and 268 high game. Canada was 17th out of 22 with a 185 average for 24 games.

For 18 games of singles, doubles and teams, Lewis scored a 196 average and saved his high game for his last game, a 248. Andrew Koff of the U.S. was No. 1 in boys all events with a 224 average and a Korean was number one for the girls with a 217 average. Korea dominated the championships with 13 medals – six gold, two silver and five bronze. The U.S. was a distant second with five medals while Canada had a bronze.

Also on the international stage was Art Oliver Jr. Competing in Orlando, Florida, Oliver placed ninth in men’s singles with a 198 average for 12 games. His triples were 580 (214,132, 234), 585 (190,185, 210), 596 (202,205,189), and 611 (212,192, 207). First place was taken with a 221 average.

Next up is the Men’s World Championship in Munich Germany in two weeks.

TENPIN TRIVIA: As reported earlier in a Hamilton Scores column, the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas has a Kingpin Suite with two bowling lanes. During the July 4th weekend, it was occupied by a Florida couple at a cost of $15,000 per night. That’s right – 15 grand a night. During other times, the price ranges from $8,000 to $10,000 per night. The Suite is occupied about 75 per cent of the time.

When Sarah Palin, who was in Hamilton at Carmen’s in April, was told that Splitsville Bowling Centre was across the road, she replied, “If I had known that I would have dropped over”.