Perfect game highlights Family Twosome tourney

Sean Bailey’s fifth career perfect game carried himself and son Carter to the father-son title in the junior division of the recent annual Family Twosome Tournament.

Sean’s 10-pin triple was 718 (222, 300, 196). Sean was extra pleased with the 300 as his family was present, including sister Chantelle, who was a winner in the bantam division. Sean’s father, Garry, rolled a 300 game in 1983.

Other winners in the junior division were Connor and Cindy Parkin, Mallory and Deb Thompson and Taylor and Al Oliver. Topping the intermediate – senior division were Cody Hazell-Malek and Ruth Malek, Laurie Bailey and Tamara Wade, Brody and Jim Ostrosser and Shawnna and Dave Prieur.

The Bantam division champions were Aiden and Chantelle Griffin, Shelby and Jennifer Pope, Joshua and Walter Downey and Hannah Giorgio and Kevin Moore. In the Prep division, taking home the honours were Michael Thomas and Marilyn Higgins, Mackenzie and Patty Leitch, Dylan Stewart and Sean Jacobsen, and Katie and James Morrison.

Four Skyway City Tenpin men beat their averages by at least 125 pins with Charlie Campbell also picking up a Century award with a 674 (198, 200, 276) triple. The three others are Mike Ricker, 713, (235, 241, 237), Jason Ives, 690, (248, 234, 208) and Gord Fickley, 679 (233, 217, 229). The secretary of this 106-year-old league, Steve Cowie rolled strike, 7 – 10 split, then 10 strikes in a row for a 266 game and 686 triple.

Happy 87th birthday to Skyway Lanes co-founder Stan Dumala.

Three big 700s at Star Lanes and one 698. Derek Curley smashed a 758 (258, 243, 257), David Novak, 15, had a 743 (238, 269, 246) and 698 (221, 221, 256) the same day, and Dan Halloway, 718 (256). Bill Hicks spared the 4-6-10 split and there was a 298 in an unsanctioned league. Steve Smith surpassed 1,000 by 38 pins on games of 269, 247, 256 and 266 at Splitsville.

In Prime Time Bowling action, super singles were William Russell’s 289, Sean Patterson, 286, and, 268, Matt Lewis, 279; Jason Stevens, 277; Marc Worotny, 269; Scott Tarbat, 266, and Russell Ross, 259 and 257. Ty Lamb was plus 74 at 225 and Rubin Iwaskin plus 77 at 203. Beating their averages by over 150 pins were Ryan Salo 523 (189) and Steven Fox 487 (193).

TENPIN TRIVIA: Pro Bowler Walter Ray Williams, who recently turned 50, over four P.B.A. seasons converted 1,672 out of 1,680 single pins for a 99.5% rate. When Jeff Carter of Illinois averaged a record 261 ten years ago, he had only one sub 200 game and only one 300 game. His low triple was 707 and his high triple 848.