Mac wrestlers advance to CIS final

Ryan Blake (Stoney Creek) and Kevin MacLellan (Hamilton) each won their respective weight classes at the 2011 Ontario University Athletics championship on Saturday (Feb.12) in Thunder Bay.

Blake won the 72kg weight class and MacLellan the 82kg. Blake defeated Western’s Josh Dawson in the final having moved up a weight class this year after winning the 68kg at the 2010 championship.

The story of the meet for the Marauders was MacLellan’s defeat of Guelph’s Mathieu Des Chatelets in the 82 kg to earn win his first career title. He was the runner up in the 82kg last year and he also has four provincial silvers and three high school silvers competing in the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations meets.

For the women, Alyshia Anderson (Windsor) was the top finisher winning silver in the 82 kg.

Adam Benish (Hamilton) and Sean House (Hagersville) won silver in the 130 kg and 90kg classes respectively. Alan Middleton (Sault Ste Marie) won bronze in the 61kg and Kevin Barrett (Hillsburgh) also won bronze in the 76kg.

Overall both the men’s and women’s teams placed fifth.

The Marauder medal winners advance to the 2011 Canadian Interuniversity Sport championship Feb. 25-26 hosted by Lakehead in Thunder Bay.

Men 54 kg
1. Steve Takahashi (Western)
2. Shujon Mazumder (UofT)
3. Dustin Helwig (Lakehead)
4. Michio Clark (Brock)
5. Joel Smith (Queen’s)
6. Scott Young (Guelph)

Men 57 Kg
1. Gaston Tardif (Lakehead)
2. Tim Clement (Brock)
3. Gabe Sagman (UofT)
4. Rishave Ranjit (Western)

Men 61 Kg
1. Nick Rowe (Brock)
2. Robert Filman (Guelph)
3. Adam Middleton (MAC)
4. Jordan Swail (Western)
5. Mike Ragotte (Lakehead)

Men 65 Kg
1. Ilya Abelev (Western)
2. Kevin Iwasa-Madge (Guelph)
3. John Cottrill (Brock)
4. Stephen Tricarico (MAC)
5. Sam Driedger (Lakehead)

Men 68 Kg

1. Jason Bresele (Lakehead)
2. Kyle Rose (Brock)
3. Daniel Greenacre (Guelph)
4. Josh Proctor (Western)
5. Tavis Sisco (Queen’s)
6. Mathew Vankleek (MAC)

Men 72 Kg

1. Ryan Blake (MAC)
2. Josh Dawson (Western)
3. Mattrixx Fereirra (Brock)
4.John Feng (UofT)
5. Brandon Gardner (Lakehead)
6. Christopher Janz (Queen’s)
7. Matt Kocel (Guelph)

Men 76 Kg

1. Jacob Jagas (Guelph)
2. Dene Ringuette (uofT)
3. Kevin Barett (MAC)
4. Eric Jacobson (Western)
5. Ryan McCracken (Brock)
6. Jamie Funk (Lakehead)

Men 82 Kg (INC)

1. Kevin MacClellan (MAC)
2. Mathieu Deschatelets (Guelph)
3. Kevin Ens (Western)
4. Nik Wilson (Lakehead)
5. Andrew Reid (Brock)

Men 90 Kg (INC)

1. Korey Jarvis (Guelph)
2. Sean House (MAC)
3. Colten Woznow (Lakehead)
4. Mike Barry (Brock)
5. Shawn Wheatly (Western)

Men 130 Kg

1. John Fitzgerald (Guelph)
2. Adam Benish (MAC)
3. Trevor Steffler (Lakehead)
4. Matt Hutchison (Western)
5. Matthew Griffin (Brock)
6. Taylor Wood (Queen’s)

Women 48 Kg

1. Jasmine Mian (Brock)
2. Jade Papke (Guelph)
3. Jessica Bershatsky (Lakehead)
4. Sahana Mazumder (Western)
5. Bianca Fung (MAC)

Women 51 Kg

1. Diana Ford (Brock)
2. Jennifer Nguyen (Western)
3. Alexi Kreps (Lakehead)
4. Christianna Walker (MAC)
5. Marisa Scott (Guelph)

Women 55 Kg

1. Brianne Barry (Western)
2. Jes Smith (Lakehead)
3. Ana Gheorghe (Brock)
4. Nicole Mazara (MAC)

Women 59 Kg

1. Aislynn Torfason (Lakehead)
2. Liz Sera (Western)
3. Kellie Heney (Queen’s)
4. Natasha Chang (Brock)

Women 63 Kg

1. Larissa D’Alleva
2. Laura Steffler (Brock)
3. Karleah Bonk (Lakehead)
4. Sahar King (UofT)
5. Erika D’Angelo (MAC)
6. Katherine Strang (Queen’s)

Women 67 Kg

1. Allison Leslie (Guelph)
2. Alexis Kilroy (Brock)
3. Arlene Williams (Western)
4. Christine Humphries (Queen’s)

Women 72 Kg

1. Kelsey Gsell (Guelph)
2. Rebecca Levitt (Brock)
3. Monica Varallo (Western)
4. Yi Quan (Queen’s)

Women 82 Kg

1. Nicole Plummer (Lakehead)
2. Alysha Anderson (Mac)
3. Alyssa James (UofT)
4. Alisha Depass (Brock)
5. Shelby Riddell (Western)