Marauders find bronze in OUA pool

McMaster men’s and women’s swim teams finished third in team scores this weekend at the Ontario University Athletics Championships. Star swimmer Cameron Bailey won two more gold medals for the Marauders in Saturday’s (Feb. 12) final day of the championship.

In the 200m Free, Bailey won gold for McMaster with a time of 1:53.36. Teammate Michael MacDonald also medalled in the event, winning a bronze with a time of 1:53.77. McMaster’s Ben Stubbs finished with a bronze in the 400m IM finals with a time of 4:33.09.

Bailey also took home the Dr. Jeno Tihanyi Award for Individual Medley Excellence. Brooke Buckland was named one of the 2011 OUA Award of Distinction recipients.

In one of the most exciting races of the championship, the Marauders came out on top in the 400m Free Relay. Toronto started out strong and it was a race between Ottawa and McMaster for the silver. The third swimmer in the line up, Matt Vogelzang, gave the Marauders some life as he closed on the Toronto swimmer close to the lane divider. >From there, Bailey finished it off for the relay team and came in with an OUA record of 3:24.70.

On the women’s side in the 200m Medley Relay, Buckland, Alexandra Vanommen, Sarah Taylor and Natasha Strass-Hundal earned the silver with a time of 1:58.22. And Vanommen wasn’t done there. The second-year student won a bronze for the Marauders later in the day with a time of 33.86 in the 50m Breast.

Strass-Hundal won another medal of her own as well with a bronze in the 50m back, finishing only 0.23 seconds off of the winners time.

On Friday night, Bailey won gold in the 200m IM in at time of 2:02.99. Michael McDonald and Ben Stubbs also medalled for the Marauders finishing third in the 100m freestyle and 200m backstroke respectively.

For the McMaster women, Sarah Taylor finished third in the 50m butterfly and Erin MacFadyen finished third in the 100m breaststroke. The women’s 400m medley relay team finished third.

In 43 races the Marauders swam to 35 lifetime best performances with 23 swimmers advancing to tonight’s ‘A’ finals.

Nine swimmers added new swims to qualify them for the 2011 Canadian Interuniversity Sport Championship. Jessica Mackenzie (Innisfill) had a five second lifetime best time in the 400 free to advance to the ‘A’ final and qualified for the CIS Championship.

Men’s team captain Michael McDonald (Kingston) improved a full 10 seconds on his seed in the 400m free to finish with a time of 4:03.76 to advance to the ‘A’ final as well.

Continuing on their streak of remarkable performances, the Marauders won gold in the evening session. The women’s 200m freestyle relay won gold to start things off. Their swim of 1:46.54 was a new MAC record with teammates Brooke Buckland (Dundas), Sarah Taylor (Stittsville), Meg Sloan (St. Thomas) and Natasha Strass Hundal (Markham).

Erin McFadyen (Orillia) was remarkable handling the pressure as a first year athlete to once again swim another lifetime best performance winning gold in the 200 breaststroke in 2:33.5. This is a 15 second improvement since her arrival to McMaster just six months ago.

Matthew Vogelzang (Waterford) swam to gold in the 50 freestyle with a time 23.43 and Cameron Bailey (Hamilton) the silver in 23.64. Both were part of the silver medal 200 freestyle relay with David Landry (Peterborough) and freshman Jeff Braches (Orangeville) coming within 18 one-hundredths of the gold.

In addition to Sarah Taylor splitting 25.9 in the relay for gold, she won a silver in the same individual event in 26.24

Freshman Ben Stubbs (Markham) won the bronze medal in the 200 butterfly improving four seconds in his lifetime best time with 2:02.6 just 20 minutes after swimming the final in the 100 backstroke and swimming another best time with 56.84

The mens 4 X 200 also won bronze qualifying for the CIS Championships by more than seven seconds. Michael MacDonald lead the event off qualifying individually, Glen Brown (Hamilton, Ont.) swam to a lifetime best, the Cameron Bailey swam to his best in 1:49.9 and senior Nathan Cox (Blenheim, Ont.) anchored with his lifetime best time.

Noteworthy were other Marauder swimmers qualifying for the CIS Championship. Konrad Bald improved 15 seconds in the 200 breaststroke to 2:21.6 seconds. Ian Blechta (Sudbury) also swam to the 7th fastest time in 2:20.1 to earn a berth at the CIS Championship.

Other athletes who qualified in the morning session were Jessica MacKenzie (Barrie) 400 freestyle, Sean Bell (Barrie) 200 breaststroke, Louisa Chan (Vancouver), Lynnaea Mulligan (Vancouver) and Matt Vogelzan (Brantford). This now brings the total to 21 CIS National qualifiers finishing the first of the three day conference championship.

Team Standings – Final


1. Western
2. Toronto
3. McMaster
4. Ottawa
5. Guelph
6. Brock
7. Laurier
8. Laurentian
9. Waterloo
10. Queens
11. Trent
12. Carleton
13. York


1. Toronto
2. Western
3. McMaster
4. Ottawa
5. Guelph
6. Waterloo
7. Laurentian
8. York
9. Laurier
10. Brock
11. Queens


Dr. Jeno Tihanyi Awards for Individual Medley Excellence:
Male – Cameron Bailey, McMaster

OUA Awards of Distinction:
Brooke Buckland, McMaster

Women’s 200m Medley Relay
1. Western – 1:55.91 (Jennifer Trung, Katie Bell, Shannon Nell, Amber Hutchinson)
2. McMaster – 1:57.58 (Brooke Buckland, Alexandra Vanommen, Sarah Taylor, Natasha Strass-Hundal)
3. Toronto – 2:00.73 (Samantha Bancescu, Vanessa Treasure, Alexandra Augello, Joyce Guo

Men’s 200m Freestyle
1. Cameron Bailey, McMaster – 1:49.90
2. Frank Despond, Toronto – 1:49.91
3. Michael McDonald, McMaster – 1:52.31

Women’s 50m Breaststroke
1. Katie Bell, Western – 33.08
2. Whitney Rich, Laurier – 33.45
3. Alexandra Vanommen, McMaster – 33.46

Women’s 50m Backstroke
1. Andrea Jurenovskis, Toronto – 28.71 – MEET RECORD
2. Jennifer Trung, Western – 29.52
3. Natasha Strass-Hundal, McMaster – 29.46

Men’s 400m Individual Medley
1. Matt Hawes, Ottawa – 4:22.95
2. Jeremie Holdom – Toronto – 4:24.84
3. Ben Stubbs, McMaster – McMaster – 4:28.84

Men’s 400m Freestyle Relay
1. McMaster – 3:24.65 – MEET RECORD (David Landry, Michael McDonald, Matthew Vogelzang, Cameron Bailey) (Previous Record, Toronto – 3:24.70 – 1999)
2. Toronto – 3:26.44 (Steven Hibberd, Taylor Bond, Emily Horvath, Andy Townsend)
3. Ottawa – 3:27.29 (Adam Best, Daniel Hernandez Aldaco, Scott McAuley, Matt Harding)

Men’s 200m IM
1. Cameron Bailey, McMaster – 2:02.99
2. Zach Summerhayes, Toronto – 2:04.22
3. Jeremie Holdom, Toronto – 2:04.91

Men’s 100m Freestyle
1. Wil Wright, Guelph – 50.46
2. Taylor Bond, Toronto – 51.59
3. Michael McDonald, McMaster – 51.65

Men’s 200m Backstroke
1. Matt Hawes, Ottawa – 1:54.89 – MEET RECORD
(Previous Record: Sean Sepulis, Guelph – 1:58.53 – 2001)
2. Adam Best, Ottawa – 2:00.00
3. Ben Stubbs, McMaster – 2:00.70

Women’s 100m Breaststroke
1. Whitney Rich, Laurier – 1:11.63
2. Vanessa Treasure, Toronto – 1:12.19
3. Erin Macfadyen, McMaster – 1:12.23

Women’s 50m Butterfly
1. Chantique Payne, Guelph – 27.79
2. Andrea Jurenovskis, Toronto – 28.17
3. Sarah Taylor, McMaster – 28.25

Women’s 400m Medley Relay – MEET RECORD
1. Toronto – 4:12.59 (Andrea Jurenovskis, Vanessa Treasure, Paige Schultz, Julia Boron)
(Previous Record: Western – 4:15.87 – 2010)
2. Western – 4:12.78 (Heather Martin, Katie Bell, Shannon Nell, Hayley Nell)
3. McMaster – 4:16.28 (Natasha Strass-Hundal, Alexandra Vanommen, Sara Thompson, Meg Sloan)


Women’s 200m Freestyle Relay
1. McMaster – 1:46.54 – (Brooke Buckland, Sarah Taylor, Meg Sloan, Natasha Strass-Hundal)
2. Toronto – 1:46.75 – (Joyce Guo, Samantha Poon, Andrea Jurenovskis, Paige Schultz)
3. Western – 1:47.15 (Katie Fox, Ashleigh Dunnington, Amber Hutchinson, Melissa Loyzar)

Men’s 200m Freestyle Relay
1. Toronto – 1:33.88 – (Steven Hibberd, Peter Kruzyk, George Soules, Luke Hall)
2. McMaster – 1:34.02 (Matthew Vogelzang, David Landry, Cameron Bailey, Jeff Braches)
3. Guelph – 1:34.30 (Chad Johnson, Troy Baxter, Chris Miller, Jordan Duggan)

Women’s 200m Breaststroke
1. Erin Macfadyen, McMaster – 2:33.51
2. Paulyne Kilty, Western – 2:34.89
3. Margo Bacher, Queens – 2:35.32

Men’s 200m Butterfly
1. Zack Chetrat, Toronto – 1:59.25 – MEET RECORD
(Previous Record: Zack Chetrat, Toronto, 2:00.27 – 2009)
2. Curtis Samuel, Toronto – 2:01.43
3. Ben Stubbs, McMaster – 2:02.68

Women’s 50m Freestyle
1. Hayley Nell, Western – 25.88
2. Sarah Taylor, McMaster – 26.24
3. Chantique Payne, Guelph – 26.34

Men’s 50m Freestyle
1. Matt Vogelzang, McMaster – 23.43
2. Cameron Bailey, McMaster – 23.64
3. Wil Wright, Guelph – 23.65

Men’s 8000m Freestyle Relay
1. Toronto – 7:27.15 (Curtis Samuel, Frank Despond, Andy Townsend, Zack Chetrat)
“MEET RECORD (Previous Record: 7:29.57, McMaster – 1991)*
2. Ottawa – 7:31.93 (Matt Hawes, Adam Best, Stefan Ruksys, Sean Dawson)
3. McMaster – 7:34.15 (Michael McDonald, Glendon Brown, Cameron Bailey, Nathan Cox)