800 triple record broken after a decade

George Lambert IV, formerly of Hamilton and now living in Texas, qualified second out of 256 after 15 games at the USBC Masters in Reno, Nevada.

A fantastic start saw him fire games of 255, 279 and 286 for 820 for his first three games. Adding games of 203 and 233 gave him 1,256 and first place by 56 pins. For the second set of five games, Lambert threw 215, 236, 188, 248 and 213 for 1,100, and an overall total of 2,456, and was still first by 11 pins.

A final five-game total of 967 left him in second place with a 228 average.

Then in a double-knockout round, Lambert lost 639-578 before rebounding to defeat Norm Duke 693-605. A 612-591 defeat left Lambert out of the Masters with a $1,600 cheque. Five years ago he placed third in the televised finals.

Last September he married Samanatha Swanson in Green Bay, Wisconsin and bought a place in Texas.

Tom Hess won over Jack Jurek of Buffalo for his first ever title in the Reno event.

Our record eighth 800 triple has been recorded by Earl England at Star Lanes as he smashed games of 249, 278 and 300 for a super 827 triple. The other 800 shooters are Richard Parker, Sean Patterson, Jeff Lofft, Darin Lane, Ed Maurer, Sioban Ryans and Jason Stevens. The previous record of seven was established 10 years ago.

In Skyway Sunday juniors play, Alexandra Amey with a 136 average, dealt a 207, Chelsea King had a 236, and Christine Johnston had 220.

In Westinghouse action, Doug Stickney edged Wendell Harrison 235-234 and Greg Heiman rapped a 211. King holds a brilliant 208 average, five pins over Christine Custeau’s 203 record.

Brian Vandelan started with 11 strikes at Prime Time Bowling before missing the headpin for a 297 game and 884 set. Sean Patterson was 16 pins over 1,000 with games of 258, 248, 254 and 256. Super singles included Shawn Anderson, 289; Crystal Maurer, 268; William Russell and Art Oliver Jr., 267s; John Cherriere, 259; Sioban Ryans and Matt Lewis, 258s; Richard Parker, 256; Mark Hebert and Ian Hazelden, 251s.

Matt Lewis, at a Toronto tournament, left a seven pin after 11 strikes for a 299 game and 991 series in qualifying play to place fourth. In the final match, he lost 236-228. Last year he threw a perfect game and Travis Cauley had a 299. Jen Lewis qualified third.

TENPIN BOWLING TRIVIA: When Walt Bohaychuk of Hamilton rolled a 300 in St. Catharines in 1960 after 11 strikes he went for a walk and a drink of water before returning and rolling a strike for the 300.

A Toronto house for sale for $26M features, among other things, a sports centre with a bowling alley. A 296 game in Hamilton in 1983 was rejected as the was league sanctioned eight days after the score.