Marquette rolls a first but is 3 pins short of perfection

For the second time this season, a Westinghouse bowler at Skyway Lanes had a shot at perfection. Earlier, Tim Enoksen had the first 10 strikes for a 289 game, and this time Chris Marquette was one strike better with the first 11 before a high hit left the 2, 4 and 10 pins for the first ever 297 game in this 50-year-old league.

His triple was 723 (192, 234, 297). In March 1980, Jim Kompare fired the first of nine 300s in Westinghouse action followed by aces from Graham Hartley, Marty Stokes, Lionel Lewis Jr., Mike Anderer, Rob Gray, Rob Brookes, Art Oliver Jr. and the last one by Wendell Harrison in December 1999. With 299s are Rob Brookes, Morgan Lynes and Art Oliver Sr., and a 298 was dealt by Steve Glanville. With 290s are Lionel Lewis Jr., Shawn Anderson, Rob Gray and Russ Wright.

Impressive counts for the Skyway Jonarc Men include, Cory Davies, 279, Todd Downey and Ryan Dickenson, 278, Ryan Dickenson, 268 and 257 for a 986 set, and Earl England, 266 and 257 for a 986 set. George Sarnelli reports that Vince Iacozza Jr., tallied 616 with a 257 and 619 with a 232. His father, Vince Sr., scored a 624 (235). John Giordano hit 668 (233), Ron Colling rolled 623 (233), Kris Berry recorded a 237.

June Najbor says in junior play Ben Konyi notched a 232, Brett Starrs with plus 42 hit for 197, Cody Hazell-Malek and a plus 52 hit for 147, and Megan Downey for the Tiny Tots rolled a 74 game.

Clean games were tossed by Ed Faulkner, 242, Stephen Rasmussen, 235, Brett Royle, 242, James Hollands, 226, Wanda Bailey, 218, Norm Walker, 213, and Frank Wells, 196.

Triplicates at Skyway are Tim Enoksen, 203, and Margaret Blair, 127, while the Skyway Little Rebels, Daniel Fink rolled three games of 34.

In Prime Time Bowling action, super singles included William Russell, 280, Jeff Lofft, 279, Shawn Anderson and Scott Tarbat, 277, Louis Sturm, 269, Art Oliver Jr., 268, Sioban Ryans, 266, Amanda Lupton, 240 and Dan Whitfield, 233. High series was Lionel Lewis Jr., 988 (256, 231.278, 223). At Splitsville, Tom Johnston posted a 289, Gordon Male tallied 619 (226), Christine Johnston rolled 597, and from Star Lanes, Colton Williams hit a 672 (236), David Novak scored with a 650 (226), Bryan Scargall showed a 644 (226), and Adam Henley posted a 223.

At Burlington Bowl, Jim Fenbow was plus 102 with a 492 and plus 70 with a 460 triple. Mike O’Malley tallied a 758 (279, 259, 211) and a 701 (280, 174, 247). Geddes St. Hill was plus 130 with a brilliant 652 triple.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: Former Member of Parliament Shirley Martin met her husband, Jack, at Winter Gardens Alleys, corner of Barton and Ottawa. It is now an antique store called Antique Avenue and they have a short section of the original alleys. Kyle Marquette, Chris’s twin brother, left the 5-7-10 split twice in five frames in December 2006 and Ron Elliott and Bill Ryce both left the 5-7-10 split next to each other in October 2009.