For the Lewises, it’s all in the family

First it was Lionel Lewis setting records. Then son Matthew took over. Now daughter Jennifer has joined in as this talented trio has set a Canadian record for two men and one woman, with a brilliant score of 2,209 at Prime Time Bowling.

Lionel set the pace with his fifth 800 triple, an 824 on games of 280, 255 and 289. Matthew added 729 (268, 202, 259) and Jennifer 656 (172, 236, 248). Their third game score of 796 was only 10 pins under that record and their four game total of 2,830 was 12 pins short of another record.

The record they broke was 2,127 by Sioban Ryans (768), Troy Demers (702) and Ron Gilmour (657).

Our tenth 290 game of the season was recorded at Prime Time by Scott Tarbat. Others with 11 strikes in a row from frame two are Richard Parker, Sean Patterson, Travis Cauley, Mick Anderer, Jeff Lofft, John Cherriere, Dave Custeau, Mark Ward and Vince Iacozza Jr. Shawn Anderson tripped 269 and 258, Art Oliver Jr. had a 247, Sioban Ryans and Jeff Lofft rolled 243s, Klaus Herchenroder hit for a 238 and for the Lewis family, Jennifer had a 258, Matt scored a 257 and Lionel posted a 252. Pro Bowler Brad Angelo of Buffalo made an appearance at the Youth Bowling Tour at Prime Time last Saturday.

Chris Hicks rolled the first 10 strikes in Skyway City play for a 289 game and 665 triple. In Westinghouse action high scores included Tim Enoksen (669), Ed Margueratt (650 with a 247), Mark Herchenroder (649), Klaus Herchenroder (268), Fred Bird (222), Val Noble (209) and Brenda Herchenroder spared the 6-7-10 split. In VSL play, Ed Margueratt had a 668 (246), Derek Hannah knocked down a 634 and sparing the 8-10 split were Barb Roy and Maureen Cooper. Aleta Kerr blasted a 666 (245) for Monday Knight Ladies. Barb and Jim report in P & G Mixed action that Cody Stone scored a 659 (230), Al Toth had a 612 (257), David Iannazzo rolled 596 (255) and David Hart showed a571 (211).

Hamilton area juniors with their first ever 100 games were Leif Olsen, 117, Hannah Giorgio, 115, Sarah Hillier, 114, George Lewis, 113, Troy Marshall, 103, Ethan Bodden, 101, Bailey Mater, 102, and with an even 100 game were Amelia Lewis and Elizabeth Wilson. Super singles at Burlington Bowl were Diane Scheer, 234, Bill Mowat, 220, Dianne MacDonald, 205, Sue Oxtoby, 204, and Nancy McGrath, 201.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA; The first two sanctioned 700 triples were by Bert Hillock and Andy Toth in 1955, but in 1915 Les Slater dealt a 736 (275, 257, 204) and Harry Shaver had a 732 (217, 278, 237). Andy Toth won the Hamilton Tenpin Singles Championship in 1952 and 1954.