Price tackles Lake Ontario to raise water awareness

On Aug. 11-12 this year, Hamiltonian Melanie Price will attempt to swim across Lake Ontario from Port Dalhousie to Oakville.

The 42.2km swim is meant to raise funds for Lake Ontario Waterkeeper (LOW), a registered charity working to restore and maintain the ability to swim, drink and fish in Lake Ontario. Through the swim, Melanie hopes to increase awareness of the need to protect Lake Ontario’s natural resources and encourages everyone to “Help put the Great back into the Lake” so we can all benefit and appreciate the Great Lake for years to come.

Charitable donations to LOW are greatly appreciated and can be made through Melanie’s giving page:

For more information please visit Melanie’s blog:

Launched in 2001, LOW works hard to create a watershed where people can safely swim, drink, and fish. The charity engages in legal processes to enforce environmental laws and help to inform wise decision-making. The group educates and mentors people who want to learn more about water quality challenges and environmental law, including student volunteers from many of Canada’s top law schools.

LOW conducts research to identify threats to water quality and natural habitat and to monitor trends in environmental law. LOW is also a member of the internationally-recognized Waterkeeper Alliance. This New York-based group is led by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and provides a link between the world’s 180-plus independent waterkeepers.

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