Bowling on the 50-yard line

Tenpin bowling has taken place in some unusual places: In front of the pyramids in Egypt, Miller Baseball Park in Milwaukee, Six Flags Amusement Park in St. Louis and Joe Louis Arena in Detroit in front of 7,200 spectators.

Now, add Texas Stadium in Arlington, Texas to the list as the finals of the U.S. Women’s Open were held on the 50-yard line in front of almost 7,000 in town for the Annual Bowl Expo. The impressive stadium, which seats 80,000-plus and cost more than one billion dollars, is situated close to the Texas Rangers Baseball Park, with plenty of parking spaces for both. You are never far from a television as there are over 3,500 of them. The massive scoreboard is over 60 yards long and weights more than some airplanes.

In the first two matches, Lynda Barnes won easily, 268-166 and 259-225. In game three, Barnes needed to strike out to win by one pin over Leanne Hulsenburg. Up to that point, she had rolled either a strike or a nine count. After rolling the first two, she was a bit “soft” and left up two pins for a 247-246 defeat.

In the showdown for the trophy and $50,000, Hulsenburg won 208-183 over top seeded Kelly Kulick. There was a one million dollar prize for a perfect game in that match, but both women started with a spare.

George Lambert, formerly of Hamilton and now living in Texas, is now employed by the United States Bowling Congress as mid west Regional Manager. He has a corner office at the International Bowling Campus with a fantastic view. Instead of competing on the gruelling National PBA Tour, he plans on competing on the local PBA Regional Tour when time permits. The Campus is located within one mile from both the baseball and football stadiums.

Summertime is off season for most tenpin bowlers, but perfect games have been rolled on a few occasions. With 300 games during the hot weather are Jamie Russell, Rick Russell, Sam Gualtieri, Troy Demers, Joe Ciach, Ryan Morgan, Jayson Legg, Brian Ralston, Syd Clark Jr.and Larry Legg. With 299s are Danny Downs with a pair, Larry Legg and Chris King. David Gauthier and Art Oliver Jr. turned in 298s and Chris King has the only 800 during the summer months, an 804 with the 299.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: In 1955, Bar Don Lanes in Stoney Creek, mainly a five pin house, featured an exhibition ten pin match with Howard Braun and Joe Koziol who won 1,865 to 1,792 over Gabe Bihary and Andy Toth. That area is now a parking lot. Eastdale Lanes burnt down a few years ago leaving Bowlerama Stoney Creek the only bowling house in the “Creek”.

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