Tenpin best of the season honours for 2010-11

With the 2010-11 tenpin bowling term over, here is a re-cap of the best from the season.

Taking high average honours for the first time were Chris King at 226 in men’s play and Sioban Ryans with a record 219 in women’s action. The previous high was Catharine Rowe’s 217.

High triples went to Earl England (827) and Ryans with her Canadian record (846). Perfect game bowlers were Ryans, Crystal Maurer, Chelsea King, Shawn Anderson, Sean Bailey, Aaron Bouchard, Josh Colwell, Mannix Dellaire, Earl England, Len Garinger Sr., Justin Huculak, King, Lionel Lewis Jr., Jeff Lofft, Richard Parker, Sean Patterson, Doug Schatz, Steve Smith, Jason Stevens and Al Tone.

The top team in the seventh annual association tournament were Tina Babic, Lynn Ertl, Theresa McCourt and Donna Summers with 2,976. Sean Jacobsen and Scott Charles paired up to claim doubles honours at 1,688 and Mick Anderer’s 794 was the top singles score. Dave Albert was the best in all events at 2,285.

Topping the seventh annual seniors tourney were Pat Price (768) and George Mawhinney (805). The second annual scotch doubles crown went to Mike and Dave Alexander with their 729 score and in the first ever pins over average tourney, Sean Jacobsen was plus 76. The Dorothy Green Memorial Award went to Christine Firth.

In the last Hamilton Scores about Bowling on the 50-yard line in Arlington Texas, the attendance was mentioned as “almost 7,000”. Even though Texas Stadium cost over one billion dollars, they had trouble counting the tickets. Now the attendance figure is official at 8,017 bowling fans who were there to witness the U.S. Women’s Open won by Leanne Hulsenberg. It is an all time high attendance for bowling, breaking the previous mark of 7,212 in Detroit.

John Lamers, a former Hamilton Tenpin Association director, has passed away at age 78. He also coached the blind bowlers for the Canusa games at Skyway Lanes. Congratulations to Ryan and Christine Dickenson on the birth of their son Logan Michael. His big sister is Hailey and his talented uncle is Dave Custeau.

TENPIN BOWLING TRIVIA: For almost 50 years the all time high triple in the U.S. was 886. In the past 25 years it has been broken more than 100 times, with 19 perfect 900 triples in the record books. Canada’s highest triple is 882, Ontario’s best is 879 and of Hamilton’s 82 triples of 800 or better, Bill Rowe is the best with 852.