Perfect and near-perfection for Hamilton women

Hamilton women have fired 15 perfect games, five 299 games and two 298’s for 22 honour scores.

Loretta Wallace had the first, a 299 at Burlington Bowl in May 1986. At that time it was the highest game by a woman in Ontario. With a 168 average she rolled 147, 167, 173 and 299. Less then a year later, also at Burlington Bowl, Val Chastney tripped a 298.  Six months later Linda Higenell notched the first 300, followed by another four months later, both at Burlington Bowl. Fifteen days later, also at Burlington Bowl, Michelle Picott tallied a 299.

Hamilton Mountain Bowl saw their first 300 by Joyce Campbell on Oct. 22, 1989 followed by Laura Wilmer with a 300 on March 4, 1995. Then back to Burlington Bowl for a 298 by Nadine Hamilton on New Year’s Eve 1995. Val Chastney beat her 298 by two pins with a 300 at Burlington Bowl on Nov. 18, 1996. Two weeks later, back on the mountain for a pair. Patti Ellis dealt a 300 after a 132 and Amy Bouchard on Feb. 17, 1998 as she followed a 139 with her 300.

On April 4, 1999, Jean Matychuk scored a 299 on the hill. Number two for Amy Bouchard on the last day of August 1999 was next.

Then it was time was Skyway Lanes as Jen Olmsted carded a 300 at 15 years 4 months old on Dec. 16, 2001. It didn’t take long for Skyway’s second as two months later Connie Ward was perfect. Back at Burlington Bowl, Catharine Rowe zapped a 299 on April 20, 2004. Then Catharine Willis achieved perfection with a 300 at Burlington Bowl on March 27, 2008. Dee Gallant saw 12 strikes in a row give her a 300 two weeks before Chritmas in 2008 at Skyway. Catharine Rowe threw a 300, and 802 triple, on Nov. 19, 2009 at Burlington Bowl, but it was a bowl out.

Last season saw a trio of perfect women.  Crystal Maurer joined her father Ed with 300’s as she cranked out a 300 at Prime Time Bowling in late September. Chelsea King at age 17 was perfect at Skyway two weeks before Christmas and Sioban Ryans set a Canadian high triple for women with an 846 (300,278,268), which included a perfect game. Maurer almost made it two with a 299 on the last day of February this year.

Linda Higenell and Amy Bouchard have a pair of 300’s and with one perfect game are Joyce Campbell, Laura Wilmer, Val Chastney, Patti Ellis, Jen Olmsted, Connie Ward, Catharine Rowe, Dee Gallant, Crystal Maurer, Chelsea King and Sioban Ryans. Of the 15 perfect games, Hamilton Mountain Bowl, now Splitsville, had five, with four each at Burlington Bowl and Skyway Lanes and the other pair at Prime Time Bowling.

TENPIN TRIVIA:  The first 300 by a woman in Canada was by Marge Beaney in Victoria in 1948 and the first 300 by a man in Canada was by William oChilds in Regina in 1929.