Rolling perfect five-pin games in Hamilton

With the perfect 300 games total for ten-pins now at 344, it is time to report on the perfect 450 games in five pins. John Conti reports there has been 39 starting from number one by Ted Harpak in 1963. Later that year Ross Carter was also perfect. Two years later Stan Battersby found the line for a 450. A pair in 1966 by Tom Dawson and Leo Nelligan. Canada’s Centennial year saw a 450 by Tom Patterson. Two years later would see the next 450, this time by Bea McNeaney.

After seven perfect 450 games in the 1960’s, 1970 saw a pair by Ernie Roggie and at Bar Don Lanes, Chester Pintwala. Jack Sadlick was happy with his 450 in 1971. Five years would pass before Bill Ciach tripped his 450 at Bowlerama Stoney Creek. He was manager of this popular 24 lane house from 1968 to 1992. Henry Tratch found the magic for his 450 in 1978 followed by a trio the next year by Lloyd Ormerod, Ian Wilson & Dino Dalmaso for eight more perfectos in the 1970’s.

In 1980 perfect five pinners were Wayne Webb & Victor McBay. Another four perfect men were Tom Dixon & Gene Yacura in 1982 and Peter Holmes and John Willock in 1983. Number 22 all time was turned in by Ian Wilson in 1985 followed by Connie Ward with her first the next year. John Willock then notched his second in 1987 and Dan Robinson recorded the tenth in the Eighties in 1988.

Matt Dragun scored his 450 in 1990 and three years later Steve Wright & Stephanie Hillmer were perfect. Michael Bates & Matt Dragun with his second 450 were the highlights in 1994. Brian Whalen in 1996 and Jim Mystyk in 1998 were the next perfect shooters which gave the 1990’s seven games of 450.

Two years into the new century saw 450’s by Lisa Clause and John Gallant and 2003 was blessed with a 450 by Ron Bleses and a pair by Jeff Forester. Three years later Roger Bleses was perfect and number 39 all time was turned in by Brenda Walters in 2009.

According to old bowling columns from the Hamilton Spectator, perfect 450 games were also rolled by Bill Smith at the Connaught Lanes in 1929, Garnet Ross at the Y.M.C.A. Lanes managed by Ed Taylor in 1941, Ernie Martin 1946, Sid Stones 1947, Art Hale 1951, Ernie Terry, Eddie Mamela and Jack Braid in 1953, Gord Marsh & Lloyd Ormerod 1954, Bob Richardson, Walt Fenney and Bill McNaughton in 1955 and Bill Solski in 1975 in Ancaster.