Tournament of Champions at Skyway Lanes

The first annual Tournament of Champions was held at Skyway Lanes with the champions for last season honoured with awards and a delicious lunch. There were a pair of junior winners and an adult winner in the tournament which was professional run by Barb Hollands and Tom Johnston. For the 14 and under juniors, Spencer Hickingbottom, 141 average, rolled a pair of 208 games to place first with a 767 score. Charlene Hill was second at 738 with 207 and 206 games. In the 15 and older group, Billy Craig, 170 average, was the best with his 679 score.

In the adult division, Patty Leitch from the Skyway P & G league, fired a 603 (176,227,200) for a 603 scratch triple and 810 with handicap to take first place. Other super singles were Crystal Maurer 257 and 225, Dave Alexander 245, Mick Anderer 235 and Brody Ostrosser 203. Picking up their awards for their perfect games were Shawn Anderson, Sean Bailey, Crystal Maurer andSioban Ryans who also picking up her award for her Canadian record triple for women 846 (300,278,268), and Hamilton women’s record 219 average. Most improved winners were Marshall Wice, 42 pins and Bernice Lillies, 21 pins.

Also claiming awards were Bethany Nicholson 256 single, and in the family twosome tournament Chantelle Griffin and son Aiden, Walter Downey and son Joshua, Patty Leitch and daughter Mackenzie, Sean Bailey and son Carter, Al Oliver and daughter Taylor, Jim Ostrosser and son Brody, Sean Jacobsen and son Dylan Stewart, and Tamara Wade and daughter Laurie Bailey. The Bill Bailey scholarship winner was Ben Konyi.

At Splitsville Centre, Matthew Lewis started with 10 strikes for a 289 single and 947 series and also tripped a 977 with a 279 game. Mark Hebert dealt a 258 and Mick Anderer 256 while Mister “T” cranked out an 883 set. David Novak slapped a 754 (235,277,242) at Star Lanes.

In Skyway Lanes Jonarc action, Conrad Merkir 280, Matt Glidden 266, Jason Stevens 263, Scott Grunau 257, Mike Ellis 250, Aaron Bouchard 248, Doug Schatz 247 & Lee Oliver 242. In Westinghouse play, Nobby Herchenroder 673 (246), 638 and 630 (242), Art Oliver Sr. 647 and Fred Bird 604. Ed Margueratt tallied singles of 225 and 220. Happy Gang play had Sean Elley 247 and 237 and Jayme Allen 220. In junior action, June Najbor reports Bill Craig 684 (243,261, 180) and Austin Gottlieb, 100 average, 179, 107 and 156 for a 442 triple.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: John Harback of London rolled a 300 game at the 31st. Annual Provincial Tournament at Burlington Bowl in May 1994. Tim Parslow, 17, of Kingston rolled a 300 game in the 30th. Annual Junior Provincial Tournament at Hamilton Mountain Bowl in 1998. Jeff Cockburn, 15, of Chatham rolled a 300 in the CTF Provincial Tournament at Hamilton Mountain Bowl in 2005.