Hamilton Skating Club members sharp at sectional meet

Taking first place in the Novice Women’s section was HSC’s Maysie Poliziani (centre) with second place finisher Amanda Kelland (left) of the Bluewater-Zurich SC, and third place finisher Keiko Marshall of Burlington. (Photo: Hamilton Skating Club)

Four titles were taken by members of the Hamilton Skating Club at the recent Skate Canada Western Ontario Sectional competitions.

In the Novice Women division, Maysie Poliziani took the title while in Novice Dance partners Ekaterina Fedyushchenko (Mariposa) and Jean-Luc Jackson were victorious. Isabella Mancini won the Juvenile Women’s section and the Juvenile Men’s champion was Alistair Lam.

The Hamilton Skating Club Competitive Team claimed the four divisions in St. Thomas last weekend (Nov. 5-6). The club prepared its skaters by having them run simulations (mock competition setup) and a competitive training camp held a few weeks ago at the competition facility. This was coordinated by Bryce Davison, director of skater development, and Brenda Bradica, managing director, along with coaches Carrie Hornby, Christy Baltzer, Gina Doleman, Jennifer Hoadley, Jennifer Jacks, Jodi Dawson, Leesa Velenosi-de Sousa Marques, and Matthew Doleman.

The top 4 finishes in Pre-Novice to Senior levels for each category at Sectionals qualify to continue onto 2012 Skate Canada Eastern and Western Challenge. The Pre-Novice National Champions are crowned at this event; while a pre-determined number of top skaters (dependent on category) in the Novice to Senior levels qualify for 2012 Junior or 2012 Senior Nationals.

Hamilton Skating Club members Matthew Korkoian and Nicole Suszek (left) placed second in Juvenile Dance. They are pictured with winners Laura Emery and Dean Holbrough (Ilderton). (Photo: Hamilton Skating Club)

The top three finishes in Juvenile to Novice for each category at Sectionals qualify to continue onto the 2012 Ontario Winter Games in the Collingwood area (skating events are being held in Barrie).

All skaters who qualify for Challenge are denoted by *.
All skaters who qualify for Ontario Winter games are denoted by **.

Skaters who represent other clubs but either train or represent the Hamilton Skating Club as a team have their home clubs noted in brackets.

HSC results include:

Junior Women:
Lucia Krivankova-Small* (Wentworth) – 4th
Aveline Pearson – 5th.

Novice Women:
Maysie Poliziani* ** – 1st
Keiko Marshall* ** (Burlington) – 3rd
Sela Felker – 19th.

Novice Dance:
Ekaterina Fedyushchenko (Mariposa) / Jean-Luc Jackson* – 1st.

Pre-Novice Women:
Bralyn Nelson – 5th
Jessica Wiskar – 8th
Connelly Hogarth – 10th
Celina Hevesi – 11th
Melanie Spowart – 17th
Hillary Baran – 19th
Katie Hunter – 22nd
Louise Hains – 23rd
Sera Whitelaw – 34th

Juvenile Women:
Isabella Mancini** – 1st
Sally Nguyen – 6th
Yodit Tewoderos – 11th

Juvenile Men:
Alistair Lam** – 1st

Juvenile Dance:
Nicole Suszek / Matthew Korkoian ** – 2nd

Pre-Juvenile Women:
Gabrielle Le Donne – 11th
Melania Milich – 14th
Cassidy Procopio – 15th
Abbey Iannone – 19th
Nicole Juhas – 23rd

Pre-Juvenile Dance:
Bridget Le Donne / Jakub Smal (Wentworth) – 4th