Winger tops at Skyway’s P&G league

Mark Winger, who carries a 177 average, had a pair of top triples in the P&G league at Skyway Lanes with a 692 (264) and a 682 (255). Tracey Rooke, 191 average, turned it on for a big 277 game and top average shooter at 216 while Mark Ward blasted a 675 with a 255 high. With identical 187 averages, Kyle Connelly and Walter Balog scored 259s and Al Toth’s 232 was nine pins better than Kristy Toth’s 223.

Other super singles are John Lennox’s 247, Tamiko Hikida’s 233, Bill Lucas’s 232, and Jody Horrelt’s 231. With a 107 average, Brenda Kerec rolled a 192, Frank Bartlett,

121 average, had a 180 game and June Najbor was plus 84 with a 471 triple.

With bowling have a decline in membership, it is encouraging to see a first-year bowler having a good time. Mike vanOldenbarneveld has a 143 average and tallied a 188 clean game and 536 triple in Skyway P&G action.

Well done Mike and thanks to Barb for the info.

The Margueratts had a good night at Skyway Lanes. Edward dealt a 620 (234) and a 616 (225), Jim posed a 222 and Denise had her fourth-ever 200 – a 210. In City Tenpin play, Matt Glidden had 712 (253), Bill Lishinski totalled 709 (266), John Neskovic scored a 690 and a 681. Having super singles were Mick Anderer, 268, Roy Ward, 265, Jerry Cote, 264, Gord Fickley, 254, and Nan Bucci, 241.

Top average is Glidden at 213.

In Skyway Special Olympia action, Gary Simpson blasted a 552 with a 236 single.

For the Monday Knight Ladies, Aleta Manning has a 196 average after scoring with a 647 triple and 244 single. Lisa Howard posted a 226 and Jennifer Locemba had a 201 and Barb Shaver hit for 199.

Lionel Lewis reports from Splitsville that Shawn Anderson was high with a 983 (276) while Tom Johnston had a 931 (277), Sioban Ryans impressed with a 893 and a 892 with a 279 high. Matt Lewis came home with a 944 (266) and strong singles included John Gilbert (279) and Brad Male (262). Wally Etchison fired his first 700 – a 701- and followed that with a 686. Jack Luke popped a 696 (255) triple and Andy Chapman had a 667 while Bill Hicks had a 663.

Matt Lewis has a 220 average followed by Shawn Anderson’s 217 and Mister “T” at 209.

Terry Wira Sr., who fired a perfect 300 game 35 years ago in the Hoinke Classic in Cincinnati, has passed away in his 69th year. Mary Pasalic of Bowlerama Stoney Creek has passed away at age 66 and Bob Abramovich, who bowled in the VSL at Skyway many years ago with a 178 average and was a current member of the Balkan Strings with Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina, has passed away in his 79th year.

A 20-lane house is set to open in January on Bronte Road in Milton.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: Thirty years ago Wendy Zielonka, while still a teenager, fired triples of 706, 734 (268), 731 and 775 (279) in just a couple of months. She was the first woman in Canada to average over 200. When Lionel Lewis Jr., fired a 747 triple and 300 game in 1992, his teammates’ triples were 487, 452, 434 and 431 with a high game of 178.