10-pinners come up with 11s again

Last week three men had the first 11 strikes before missing on number 12 for a pair of 298s and a 296. This week three men had the last 11 strikes for 290, 279 and 278 scores, all at Star Lanes. Terry Mees had the 290 in his first game, then added 222 and 197 for a 671 triple. Mike Garinger followed a first frame open with his 11 strikes for a 279, then struck for 252 and 171 for a 702.

Deric Curley also followed a first frame eight count with his 11 in a row for a 278, then scored 202 and 210 for a 690.

Last Wednesday at Skyway Lanes, impressive scores were rolled with Marcus Herchenroder starting with seven strikes for a 257 game, which was matched by Mark Winger. Walter Balog was 10 pins better at 267. Fred Bird was way above his 160 average with a 220. Keith Patterson was plus 80 at 245 and Jayme Allen had a 233. Brent Andrecyk reports wife Tracy, 134 average, blasted a 209.

On Monday night, Ed Margueratt started with a big 245 to end with an even 600, his fourth 600 in November.

George Sarnelli would have had a 600 in Commercial action, but a 159 middle game after a 236, and before an even 200, left him five pins short at 595.

Ron Colling dealt games of 192, 237 and 219 for a 648. Sean Bailey, who just completed 25 years of faithful service at Skyway Lanes, proudly reports that daughter Laurie Bailey finished with five strikes in a row for a super 179 score, than started the next game with another strike for a first-ever six strikes in a row.

Since this is a bowling column, I am pleased to report five pin scores courtesy of John Conti and Norm Macdonald. Highlights from Sherwood Lanes included Norton Sims’ 989 triple with high games of 353 and 343 followed closely by Brian Sillett’s 974 with highs of 375 and 308. Rob Macdonald eased over 900 by six pins with a 361 high game, then was three pins short of 900 on games of 288, 308 and 301.

Norton Sims was on board with a 879, Mitch Davies registered 877 with a 337 and Dave Bently rolled a 865 (356). Super singles came from Sillett (380), Ian Wilson (348), Kassie Bleses (341), Chantal Papineau (336), and former ten-pin champion Connie Ward (333). David Roberts smashed a 420 single at Bol-O-Drome on Parkdale.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: How long has 5- and 10- pin bowling been in Hamilton? Lanes were in Dundurn Castle in the mid 1870s, a 300 game in tenpins was rolled in 1881 and lanes were on the third floor of 66 James Street North in 1890. But “ball alley licences” were applied for on Sept. 28, 1833, March 21, 1843 and in 1847 at King and King Williams streets. From the Hamilton Herald of March 11, 1910 is this item, ” There was at the corner of John and King St. in 1852, a bowling alley. It may be in the basement today”. From maybe 1833, and for sure 1875, to 2011, bowling has been here a long, long time.