Perfection eludes Novak a second time

Three years ago at Skyway Lanes, David Novak fired a 299 game in a junior tournament. Now as a 17-year-old, Novak, who carries a 213 average, left up the four and six pins for a 298 at Star Lanes. He also had 11 strikes in his first game for a 279 and a 181 middle effort gave him a 758 triple.

Also at Star, Bill Hicks rolled a 709 and a 668 (245), John Case had a 707, Charlee Hill scored a 590 (224, 211), Bryan Scargall had a 253, Colton Williams hit for 246, and Brock Martin, 8-years-old, was a plus 61 with a 154.

In Skyway Jonarc action, Ryan Dickenson had a 956 triple with a pair of 264 games, plus a 267 the following week. Other highlights included: Wayne Clark Jr., 956 (249); Bill Atkinson, 266; Scott Grunau, 265, and John Giordano wins a Century watch with a 279 game.

John Burke slashed a 252 In Westinghouse play, while Ed Margueratt hit a 644 (234), Jeff Lang had a 236, Art Oliver Sr., was good for a 223, Douglas Stickney hit a 221 and for the Herchenroder’s, Nobby showed a 247 while Klaus posted a 221.

Susie reports in P&G play, that Mark Winger had a 235 and Mark Ward had a 221. One happy bowler in Happy Gang action was Sean Elley with 13 strikes in a row in a 734 (265, 224, 242) triple. Jayme Allen dealt a 625 (226), George Reid rolled a 589 (216) and Al Berg used a 223 for a 580.

Catharine Rowe maintained her 211 average with a 695 (230, 220, 245) at Burlington Bowl while Chris Macdonald, 209 average, smashed 659 and 648. Other highlights included: Mannix Dellaire, 208 average, 669 (242); Vic Riding, 204 average, 663; and Michael Braet, 200 average, was tops at 724 (246, 211, 267) and 666 (256); George Horder, was plus 143 at 653 (242); James Morrison missed 600 by two pins with a 225 high; and Jim Fenbow, 143 average, cleaned up with a 517 (191,180).

The Hamilton Five Pin association held a pins-over-average tournament for their hard working league executives and Linda Chabot was the best at plus

125 with Norm Macdonald at 110 and Darren Kenney, 87, following.

At this time last season, the Hamilton Ten Pin bowlers had racked up 10 perfect games, four 299 games and a pair of 800 triples for 16 honour scores. This season we have two 300 games, both in September, and three 298s for five honour scores. A pair of 300s in unsanctioned leagues does not count.

HAMILTON TENPIN HISTORY – Twenty five years ago this week, at Skyway Lanes, Rod Belshaw bagged a 300, Marty Stokes also was perfect, John Greaves fired his third 299 game and Clayton Kinzel dealt a 298 one day before his 65th birthday. Connie Dreher scored a perfect 450 in five pin play at Sherwood and Matt Dragun won $2,500 in five pin tourney action.