Skyway Sunday juniors on a roll

While the adult tenpinners have received most of the attention lately, it’s now time for the Skyway juniors to take the spotlight they deserve.

June Najbor reports these fine efforts from the lower average juniors. Shawn Lubinski, 114 average, was plus 74 at 188; Shawna Prieur, 148 average, slipped over 200 by a pair of pins with a super 202; Lindsay Pearce more than doubled her 44 average with a 93; P.J. Cheyenne-Miller was plus 45 with a 144; Austin Gottlieb was plus 34 at 134; Joey Ransom was 40 pins over at 163; Josh Downey helped his 98 average with a 140; Ethan Bodden, 73 average, tripped a 272 triple with a 100 high game; and Zoey Male was plus 77 with a brilliant 236 game.

Recently, new bowler Mike vanOldenbarneveld was excited by a 188 clean game and 536 triple in the Skyway P&G league. Now Shadow reports another enthusiastic new bowler, Jackie Michaels, will receive an award for a 109-110-111 stepladder series with her 120 average. John Jarvie almost dealt a triplicate with 150, 160 and 150. Tracey Rooke was 105 pins over average with 642 and a 252 high game; Brent Andrecyk pitched a 637 with a big 267; Bob Firth had 580 (221); Kyle Connelly posted a 257; Kristy Toth showed a 239; and dedicated junior reporter June Najbor with a 132 average smashed a 493 with a 206 first game.

At Star Lanes, Matt Havens followed a first frame spare with 11 strikes for a 290 game, then added a 256 for a 728 triple. Also with 700s were Terry Mees, 745 (288, 225, 232) and Deric Curley, 709 (211, 259, 239). High averages included John Henley, 220, Len Garinger Jr., 219, Reg Howe, 218, and Billy “Bowler” Hicks, 209.

For the Star juniors highlights included Colton Williams, 703 (265, 222, 216), Dylan Williams, 235, and Brock Martin with his first-ever 200, a 202 boosting his average to an even 100.

In Burlington Bowl action, super singles were Sean Jacobsen, 233, Jo-Anne Knox and Paul Gibson, 225, Barry Stanisz and Brandon Crysler, 219, and Aaron Carter, 207.

The First Annual Skyway Scotch Doubles tourney was won by Wayne and Adana Jackson with Jaymes Edgar and Christine Firth second.

Westinghouse play saw super secretary Sheila Moser trip a 222, Dylan Herchenroder tossed a 221 and Jeff Lang was tops at 249.

In VSL action, Ed Margueratt collected a 618 (224) and Joan Tidey spared the unusual 1-5-10 split.

HAMILTON BOWLING HISTORY: Jen Olmsted fired the first-ever perfect game by a woman at Skyway Lanes 10 years ago. Gary Reid missed 800 by two pins with a 798 (254, 277, 268). Adrienne Gualtieri had the first 10 strikes for a 287. Matt Drugan, with perfect 450 games, was inducted into the Ontario Five Pin Bowlers Hall of Fame.