Bowlers get in the perfection grove

After a pair of perfect games in two days in September, then another one three days into 2012, two more 300 games were rolled four days apart at Star Lanes.

Recording the fourth 300 of the season was Ron Hill who followed the ace with 188 and 172 games for a 662 triple. Number five was turned in by Mike Garinger who finished off with the 300 for a 792 (256, 236, 300). With a fourth-game 200 he had 21 strikes in a row, two off the local record of 23.
The first trio of 300s were dealt by Art Oliver Jr., Roy Katz and Russell Ross.

In the Skyway Commercial league, Ron Colling spared in frame one, then threw 11 straight strikes for a 290 game and 624 triple. In the same league, Vince Iacozza tossed 224 and 220 for a 612. Bill Hicks, who reported the most recent 300s, chipped in with a 918 (225, 222, 214, 257) at Splitsville Centre, while Scott Tarbat tallied a 287 game with a 1,004 set, and Mark Herbert flipped a 279.

Four games over 250 were highlights in the Skyway Westinghouse League as Doug Stickney would like his sister to know he blasted a 269. The Herchenroder brothers made the list as Nobby scored a 257 for a 664 triple, Marcus had a 255 and Ed Margueratt 256.

Super secretary Sheila Moser belted a 224, missing Michelle Anger’s high single by nine pins. The night before, Ron Elliott bagged a trio of 200s for a 622 and two nights earlier Derek Hannah crushed a 230 and Ed Margueratt hit a 616 (221).

Jim Hollands reports in P&G play, that Mark Winger was high at 652 (245), Bruce Todd had a 605 (208), Bob Firth finished a 588 (212), Patty Leitch rolled 576 (225), Jody Horrelt was plus-73 at 224, and Carrie Lennox, with a 117 average and a 442, beat that by 11 pins with a 453 as she improved every game with 150, 151 and 152 scores.

In Jonarc play, John Giordano earns a century watch for a 279, E J Celani hit a 269, Bill Atkinson had a 266, Shirley Morris was plus 75 at 503 and John Christie had 508 (189).

Hamilton juniors with 500 or better triples were Laurie Bailey, 515 (190), Jordan Bernaski, 520 (202), Brianna Crysler, 538 (2170, Drake Craig, 504, Kyle Dickinson, 511 (214), Meghan Harper, 544, Jordan Lang, 500, Preston Novak, 506, and Connor Parkin, 508 (220).

With high games at Star Lanes were Jerrilyn King-Russell and Colton Williams at 246. At Burlington Bowl, Jonathan Posavad had 255 with a 664 triple and Matthew Brambley posted a 243 with a 594 triple. Williams scored a 598 triple and King-Russell a 594.

John Conti reports in five pin action at Sherwood Lanes, that Dave Birkby had a 912 (303, 325, 284), Jeff Young finished with a 909 (274, 289, 346), Mitch Davies was good for 868 (348), Brenda Walters had a 847 (342), Sean Ella rolled 821 (276), Steph Hillmer’s best was 384, Kevin Robbins had a 366, Chantal Papineau showed a 363, and Julie Tuck, a 346.

HAMILTON TENPIN TRIVIA: Thirty years ago, Don Wira at Skyway missed the Canadian high triple record by 23 pins with an 819 (298). Jim Hamilton started with nine strikes before missing the head pin for a 277. Wendy Zielonka won on Buffalo’s “Beat the Champ” TV show with a 641 triple. The next week she lost as a 289 was thrown against her. Al and Shirley Hofman won the annual mixed doubles tourney at Burlington Bowl and Win Green popped a 277 at Hamilton Mountain Bowl.