Flint returns home with CANUSA banner

Having to play on the road this year instead of being the hosts didn’t seem to upset the Flint athletic contingents trip to Hamilton for the 59th edition of the CANUSA Games this weekend (Aug. 4-5).

The Michigan athletes claimed the title 7-6 in games for their 26th CANUSA championship. Hamilton leads the annual competition between the two cities with 29 victories. Four years ended in ties.

Despite Hamilton Mayor Eisenberger sweeping the pickleball challenge at Hill Park, Michigan athletes claimed the title 7-6 in games for their 26th CANUSA championship. (Photo: CANUSA Hamilton)

Despite Hamilton Mayor Eisenberger sweeping the pickleball challenge at Hill Park, Michigan athletes claimed the title 7-6 in games for their 26th CANUSA championship. (Photo: CANUSA Hamilton)

With the games alternating between the two cities each year, Flint was to stage the event this weekend. However, concerns over drinking water in Flint prompted officials to have Hamilton be back-to-back hosts for the first time in the events history.

Flint claimed victories in baseball (5-1), basketball (10-10, ties goes to the visiting team), soccer (6-3), tennis (2-2), track and field (596-499), volleyball (2-0), and 10-pin bowling (141-75). Hamilton’s wins came in darts (51-44), golf (20.5-6.5), skeet (981-938), swimming (742-470), flag football (2-0), and hockey (4-1).

Hamilton also won the mayor’s challenge with Fred Eisenberger sweeping Flint City Administrator Sylvester Jones, 11-3, 11-3, in pickleball, which is a racquet sport combining elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis

Saturday’s results


12 and Under: Flint 9, Hamilton 3. Hamilton. Mike O’Neil pitched four innings, gave up two earned runs, and was part of a 1-3-2 double play.

14 and Under: Flint 17, Hamilton 7. Hamilton: Carter Thompson batted two for three with a double and a single. Darryn Vautour went one for one with a triple.

18 and Under: Flint 11, Hamilton 7. Flint: Alan Paul reached base four times. Matt Durbin had four RBI. Jalen Gallery got the win and Cooper Betancourt picked up the save.

Boys Basketball

10 and Under: Flint 70, Hamilton 20. Flint scorers: Malik Neal, 11; Keyonta Menifield, 11. Hamilton scorers: Ryan Begadon, 6; Ethan Radcliffe, 5

11 and Under: Flint 63, Hamilton 15. Flint scorers: Lamont Torbert 13; Sam Dillard 14. Hamilton scorers: Joshua Stugess, 7; Chezre Lambert, 6; Keegan Love 2.

12 and Under: Hamilton 64, Flint 53. Hamilton scorers: Noah Otshudi, 20; Jordan Trulove, 15. Flint scorers: Teon Armstrong, 11; Hudson Green, 11

13 and Under: Hamilton 41, Flint 38. Hamilton scorers: Eden Otshui, 12; Baron Bayne, 4; Doreal Bedminister, 4; Flint scorers: Davis Harris, 9; Neal Cheatham, 4.

14 and Under: Hamilton 60, Flint 55. Hamilton scorers: Jacob Miralbo, 14; Cale Calura, 12. Flint scorers: Dondrell Smith Jr., 14; Sylvester Jones III, 10

15 and16: Hamilton 79, Flint 68. Hamilton scorers: CJ Falconer, 14; Andrew Bartlett, 13. Flint scorers: Tommy Gill, 23; Ken Hilbert. 10.

Girls Basketball

11 and Under: Flint 62, Hamilton 15. Hamilton scorers: Taliyah Parkinson, 6; Isabella Aicken, 5. Flint scorers: DeAndrea Smith, 34, Chelsea Bishop, 11.

13 and Under: Flint 66, Hamilton 23. Hamilton scorers: Sierra Morelli, 11; Ally Ruksenas, 6. Flint scorers: Jamira Shumpert, 17; Enijah Flenard, 13.

14 and Under: Hamilton 61, Flint 20. Hamilton scorers: Kate Ross, 19; Julia Sylvester, 11. Flint scorers: Rachel Morris, 6; Franki Pierce, 5, Dariana Griggs 5.

15 and 16: Flint 86, Hamilton 35. Hamilton scorers: Brooke Morelli, 11; Summer Milben, 9. Flint scorers: Destiny Strother, 23; Serena Rice, 21.


Hamilton 51, Flint 44: Flint Maximum scores (180): Ryan Killian, Daryl Wilson, Larry Allen, Pete Riehl, Michele Nichols.

Flint: Kevin Killian – 148 finish

High Tons Women: Hamilton – Lorain Park, 538; Flint – Terri Nagy, 1032. High Tons Men: Hamilton – Larry Allen, 1831; Flint – Ryan Killian, 2059

Flag Football

17 and Under: Hamilton 45, Flint 10.


Hamilton 20.5, Flint 6.5

One point match play, front nine and back nine for possible two pints

One point Medal play total score

Hamilton: Conner Mckenzie shot 80; 14-year-old Derek D’Ortenzio shot 81; Jeff Beedham shot 82. Flint: 18-year-old Karsen Johnston shot 83; 16-year-old Kamryn Johnston shot 84.

Boys Hockey

10 and Under: Flint 2, Hamilton 1. Flint: Vincent Loria, 1 goal, 1 assist; Flynn Crystal – game winning goal with just over 2 minutes to go in the game. Hamilton Carter Rogers

12 and Under: Flint 6, Hamilton 5. Flint scorers: Kayden Appleton, 2 goals; Brandon Clements – game winning goal; goalie Christian Proulx stopped 19 of 20 shots in 1 1/2 periods of action. Hamilton scorers: Garrett Rees, 2 goals, 1 assist; Raine Buttler, 1 goal, 2 assists.

14 and Under: Flint/Hamilton 10, Hamilton/Flint 7. The U14 Hockey Teams split their squads, some exchanged jerseys, to form Hamilton/Flint and Flint/Hamilton Teams for the final game. Billeted players played with each other, further symbolizing the 59 year tradition of the CANUSA Games – “Experience the Friendship.”


Hamilton 981, Flint 938. Hamilton scores: D. Troiani, 100; J. Ireland, 100; L. Lepage, 100; J. Kapron 99.

Boys Soccer

10 and Under

Hamilton 6, Flint 3

14 and Under

Flint 4, Hamilton 3

Girls Soccer

10 and Under

Flint 3, Hamilton 2

14 and Under

Flint 3, Hamilton 0

18 and Under

Hamilton 1, Flint 1


Hamilton 742, Flint 470. Swimming highlights this year included: For first time since 1987 the meet was conducted in metres; Hamilton set four records, Flint set two. Hamilton records were in the girls 11-12 100 metre backstroke with Maddy Glowinski clocked in 1:13.65; girls 10 and under 200 metre freestyle saw Halayna Montrichard touch in 2:44.52; and in girls 10 and under 100 metre freestyle Montrichard clocked 1:15.41; while in the boys 10 and under 200 metre freestyle Adan Lindfield swam a 3:03.63


Hamilton 2 points, Flint 2 points

Doubles U18 boys: Maoachi Noronha (Flint) Will Fraeppier (Flint) vs Jack Shanlin (Hamilton) and Mike Plewak (Hamilton). Hamilton 6-4, 3-6, 6-1

Doubles Adult: Gil Hall (Flint) Chris Mindlin (Flint) vs Casey Jones (Hamilton) Dave Terryberry (Hamilton). Hamilton Scores 7-5, 3-6, 6-1


U18 Boys: Will Fraeppier vs Mike Plewak, 0-8. Point Hamilton.

U18 M Maoachi Noronha vs Jack Shanlin, 8-0. Point Flint.

Adult -Chris Mindlin vs Casey Jones, 6-1, 6-3 Point Flint

Adult – Gil Hall vs Dave Terryberry, 0-6, 2-6 Point Hamilton

Track and Field

Flint 596, Hamilton 499

(Photo: CANUSA Hamilton)

(Photo: CANUSA Hamilton)

Girls Volleyball

16 and Under: Flint 3, Hamilton 1. Flint 25-19; 21-25; 25-23; 25-15

10-Pin Bowling

Flint 141, Hamilton 75: Flint: CANUSA Record, Brendan Adams bowled an 803 series; Hamilton: 8-year-old Kyra Skelton, had a personal best 141 game; Harizah Elias, high game 189, high series 546; Colin Duncan, high game 257, high series 635; Shayleigh Wood, high game 185, high series 518; and David Minnes, high game 268, high series 640

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